Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Partnering with American Airlines Flight Attendants!

We want to tell you about some awesome ladies who are partnering with us to get supplies to Haiti!  You can read about their project below and find them on Facebook as well.  

"Patricia Sund and Pamela Quirin regularly fly to Port Au Prince out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. Patricia became a friend of Vanessa Carpenter throughout frequent flights, as did Pamela. When the earthquake hit, Patricia found a "Tweet" from Vanessa and emailed her asking her what her status was and did she need help. Well, that got the ball rolling! Patricia contacted Pamela who set up a Facebook page:
"AA Flight Attendants Supporting Haiti Recovery."

Four days after its creation, the "AA F/A Haiti" page has almost 600 members with numbers climbing daily. 48 hours after initial contact, Vanessa set up operations in Patricia's Condo living room and they began to set up and plan what Patricia refers to as "Project Peanut Butter." With a donated airplane bound for Haiti, donated supplies, Vanessa and two medical Professionals aboard, "Project Peanut Butter," took off a mere three days after Vanessa landed in Fort Lauderdale. During that time, the flight Attendant's "Guest passes" got 4 of the angel Mission Staff people back into Haiti through santo Domingo. Along the way, the American Flight Attendants began to scheme, plan and communicate about how they are going to bring supplies to Vanessa and "Angel Mission Haiti." It is still an ongoing process, but this group has accomplished an incredible amount of work and generosity in less than a week not taking into consideration the awareness Patricia and Pamela generated along the way about "Angel Mission Haiti."

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Wow, V rocks. Is she in Haiti yet? HollyB