Monday, January 10, 2011

As all of you know we are coming up on the first anniversary of January 12, 2010 earthquake. So many died, so many were left with major medical problems. Please continue to keep all of Haiti in your prayers.

As we start out this new year AMH is working on a few new projects.
1) the Web site is being redone and the blog will be incorporated with it.
2) We now have 17 children that need sponsors for schooling. This costs $25. a month
3) We have many new children that need to come to the US but getting Haitian passports is almost impossible any more.
4) We had to cancel our first two teams for January due to the polictical problems. But have 4 mission teams set up so far for the spring and summer.
5) Tom and I are looking into working all summer in Haiti with the start of our new school in Julivert.
6) Surgery Center is still on hold pending getting steal in place for the thrid floor.

Haiti needs more schools and feeding programs for the children. We are aware of this and in prayer about what God would have us do to help the children in Port-au-Prince. Land is expensive and building takes a long time now. Please be in prayer with us.

All my love, Vanessa