Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prayer Needed…

Well God always has a plan.  I brought Baby Sammy back to his parents, it went so well.  He loves them and they adore him.  They have been very thankful and continue to kiss love and hug on him.  I have it all on tape for when I get them home to show you.

However While we were in the Village Sammy is from the doctor said he wanted to show me a set of triplets that had been born on July 6 (my Jonathans birthday).  We went to the home.  A one room place with 7 children.  The mom was sick and can not take care of them.  We tried to find formula but none anywhere to be found.  The parents showed me 3 empty formula cans that someone had given them.   They said they had been out of formula for 8 days.  They had been giving them sugar water.  They begged me to take them and make  them well like baby Sammy.  So Momma V is now in Port de Paix with 3 infants at yet another missions who have taken us all in for the next two days until I can get these three to port au prince with me. 

We have given them the names of Faith Hope and Grace (as we can not say the names we were told)

Faith and Hope weigh in at 2 pounds.  Grace is 3 pounds.   At the present time they third feeding no vomiting (Praise God) they are coming alert.  Hope and Grace have bad coughs and had a fever which has now broken on both.   We started with an eye dropper earlier today and now all 3 have a suck reflex which is wonderful.  

The Mission we are at is called Lashbrook family ministries.  They are helping me feed them every two hours.  We will do this around the clock all night. 

Please pray that all 3 girls make it through the night, God gives us the wisdom and visa's for these 3.  All of the orphanages I know are over filled and can not take them in. 
They are going to require a lot of care to make it.



Grace,Faith, Hope

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabienne Update…


Fabienne is out of the hospital and with her new Host family.  Thank you Erica and Mike for helping us out on such short notice. Fabienne can lay on her back. She loves sitting up in a car seat and bouncing in the bouncy seat.  This is great news!  Thank you everyone for your prayers!

fabi 007



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Christ 4 Kids Music Festival…


On August 21, 2009 at 7205 SW 125th Ave in Miami, Florida there is going to be a Christ 4 Kids Music Festival. All funds raised will go directly to the children of Haiti. Admission is only $7.00! Some of the artists that will be appearing are: Rey King, Sky Life, Jblaze and Between Thieves. Check out their website for more information at :

Great News!


Baby Fabienne Joseph has made it through her surgery and is doing well. I am attaching a few photos of her before and after surgery.
We have already found a new host family for her since her present host family is now being transfered to Florida.  We thank them for all that they did for Fabienne.  Please keep everyone in prayer. 

In Christ Love and Service, 


IMG_0568[1] IMG_0569[1]

IMG_0572[1] IMG_0571[1]


Thursday, August 13, 2009



We want to congratulate Dr. Paul Farmer, who has been appointed Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti by Former President Bill Clinton.    This is a huge honor and will help with the medical in Haiti.  Dr. Farmer has worked in Haiti in the Central Platue for years and has  built a wonderful hospital in that area,  PIH, Partners In Health.  I have personal met Dr. Farmer and he is a very nice man.  He encouraged me to continue working in Haiti and to open the surgery center in Port au Prince. 

Little Angels Surgery Center is scheduled to open its doors officially January 2010.   The third floor to the  building was just put under roof.   We are so happy to be partnered with Haitian Christian Outreach with this project.   So many of our doctors here in the US can not wait to go to Haiti and help so many more children.  We are now scheduling surgery Medical Trips for next year. 
Our Container of equipment landed in Haiti the beginning of August, we pray it will be cleared through customs by September so that we will be able to have our January opening date.  Please keep this in your prayers. 

We are still signing up Individuals and Congregations to donate $100 a month to pay for all of the employees we need to hire and train to make this a huge success.  In our humble opinion the creation of jobs as well as the free surgeries for the children will help save so many lives in Haiti.  If you have any questions about this or need any further information please contact either Tom or Vanessa  at 540 580 9721.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE   100% OF ALL DONATIONS GO TO HELPING THE CHILDREN OF HAITI.  Please keep this in your daily prayers. 

Fabienne made it to Chicago for her surgery.   She will have surgery tomorrow morning.  We are however in need of a new host parent as her host family was notified yesterday of a transfer.  So if you or someone you know lives in the Chicago land area please contact Vanessa by email or 540 580 9721.   Please keep Fabienne and all the children awaiting care in prayer. 

Have a blessed week