Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi From Heather

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.  I am going to be taking over the host family coordination and there may be some growing pains as Fran trys to get all the information she had over to me.  So please hang in there with us.  I am answering emails as quickly as I can.  I have started a file for each of you that have sent applications and hope to have notice out to you this week as to whether your file is complete or I need anything.  Please note my address on the side bar.  Please send any applications and supporting docs to that address so that poor Fran doesn't have to keep sending me stuff!

A little about me.  I am mom to five at the moment.  We have four kids of our own and one foster daughter.  We have adopted from Guatemala and Haiti.  It was during our Haitian son's adoption in 2005 that we met Vanessa and began to work with Angel Missions.  We hosted our first child while we waited for our adoption to go through.  Since then I have watched Vanessa tirelessly serve the Haitian people.  I am blessed to serve with Angel Missions.


Lindsay said...

Heather, Are you handling adoptions on a national level or local (i.e. VA). Wonder if any materials are available to help me share the need in Arkansas.

Fran said...

We don't do adoptions. We bring medically fragile children here for lifesaving care and then they return home.

Mrs. Mark Arni said...

Hi Heather,
Just wondering if you have gotten our host family application from Fran yet. I checked the usps website and it said that the package was delivered to the Crimora, VA address on Jan. 25th.


Chris in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Where in Ohio? We are in Springfield. We have an adoptive son from Haiti, and may host in the future.