Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clearing up Some Confusion about GIRLS ORPHANAGE

I wanted to post a quick note to all those from the Roanoke & Lynchburg areas of Virginia.  There is a bit of confusion concerning a group of 65 girls from an orphanage in Port au Prince.  Given the incredible urgency we all feel to help the children in Haiti this is very understandable!  The girls are in an orphanage that is connected with the Resurrection Catholic Church in Moneta, Virginia.  The staff at the church has been attempting to contact the director in Haiti to determine if she wishes assistance at evacuating her girls.  They had received word that the orphanage was badly damaged in the earthquake and the girls have no supplies.  Beyond that, we have little information and we are unsure at this time whether or not these girls will leave Haiti.  The incredible communities around the Moneta area have been working to put contingency plans in place to ensure that if the girls are evacuated, they will have a safe haven.

Angel Missions & Safe Haven Network has been attempting to help the church coordinate their efforts.  With our experience finding host families for children coming from Haiti on medical visas, we are sharing what we know and assisting in identifying potential host families.  These host families will work with the Catholic church, not Angel Missions Haiti, but we are using our system as it is already in place.

If you live in Virginia and wish to consider apply to host a child, please go to - there are instructions on how to proceed.  If you are interested in finding out other potential opportunities to help, please contact the church (see above).

We again want to thank everyone for the incredible response in this crisis!  You all are awesome!  Our hearts and prayers go out to the country of Haiti and her people and all those who are working so hard to help them.  We have confirmed that Vanessa is there and busy working.  We will update you all as we know more!


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Tina said...

Just a quick note. On the Resurrection Church site, they are pointing people to the website and you are point them to yet another site. Which site should we go to to apply for hosting the girls?