Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Update Jan 13 7:30pm…


HIS Home for Children sustained structural damage and minor injuries, other than that all children are okay.

· Three Angels Children’s Relief also sustained structural damage but all children are okay.

· St. Josephs Home for Boys was completely destroyed, all boys are accounted for but two have sustained serious injury and need constant prayer. There is no hospital to take them to.

· Our clinic on Delmas 91 is still standing and Kez, our U.S. nurse is taking care of them the best she can.

· We have news that Pastor Gerard was in a building that collapsed with no survivors. As reported on the news, a hospital in Petionvile, had collapsed.  I’m happy to say this facility was no longer a hospital and was not full of ill people. However in the last year had been turned into a Handicapped Rehab Center. There was a U.S. therapy team there on a mission trip. The building did collapse, some made it out, but many are unaccounted for. The one report we received today was that they were hand digging through the rubble all night, and will continue to look for those that are trapped.

· Bresma and Margarite have reported in okay.

· Wings of Hope sustained major structural damage, but all are healthy and accounted for.

· Trinity house in Jackmel sustained no damage or injuries but the road from Port-a-Prince to Jackmel is impassible.

· On the north coast in Port-De-Paix our friends at Lashbrook Family Ministries are all safe and accounted for. They are preparing for the onset of refugees that will be coming to the countryside from Port-a-Prince. They request prayer that God will provide the necessary supplies and food. Before today all supplies came from Port-of-Prince and now there is none.

· Sister Fidelis and Sister Jo are safe in Pestel.

· There are many more partnering agencies we have not heard from, so please keep them all in your prayers.

What we are coordinating here in the U.S. for Haiti

· At the present time we have set up an Earthquake Relief Fund. One hundred percent of all donations will go directly to Haiti, to help the children of Haiti.

· We have been contacted by four medical mission teams who are mobilizing to deploy to Haiti to provide medical relief and care to the Haitian people. We will be coordinating all of their efforts with St. Damians Hospital in Tabarre.

· The U.S.N.S. (Naval Hospital Ship) “Comfort” is in dry dock in Norfolk .We had contact with Captain Wear and they will be leaving for Haiti ASAP.

· We have been offered two shipping containers of food from” Feed my Starving Children”, and we are in the process of raising $8000.00 U.S. dollars per container to ship the food immediately to Haiti. Our contacts in the Haitian government, whom we have spoken to, promised to release the containers of food immediately upon arrival in Haiti.

· We have been contacted by our friends at Proctor and Gamble, they are working to get three million packets of PUR. (These packets purify water into drinking water.)

· Please continue to keep all the wonderful Haitian people in prayer and pray that God continues to bless our work helping the Haitian people.

In Christ’s Love and Service, Vanessa


judi k said...

Angel missions. I plan on coming with project Hope and the hospital ship Comfort if all works out. Will continue to pray for haiti

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I have been working on health information systems in developing countries for some time and it is interesting that a lot of your principles are the same as what I have been proposing to resource poor countries. The ideas of keeping things simple, incremental development, local use of data, minimal data set, appropriate technology and of course data standards and interoperability.

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I found your blog on Google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned a Paster Gerard who you heard was in a building that fell. Could you supply a last name -- we know more than one Gerard working in ministries and are trying to find word about them.