Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dieuna is Out of Hosptial at Last

These sweet little girls are standing watch over little Dieuna who is finally out of the hospital. Dieuna came to the states in May and had her surgery for her hydrocephaly,but has really struggled with complications. A brain infection, skin sores on her large head and many feeding issues have kept her at DuPont Hospital for weeks. We are so thankful to her host family for bravely standing by her as she fought her way through the challenges. Her host mom says she is definitely a fighter and the folks at the hospital have been so supportive. Dieuna is still being fed by NG tube, but Robyn (her host mom) is hoping to try some thickened formula by mouth this week. This little one can use as much prayer as we can send her way as she is not having much voluntary movement in her limbs. Her head was very large prior to surgery and though the surgery was successful at creating an outlet for the fluid, we fear that she may have been compromised in some ways having lived with the extra pressure for so long. We will keep you updated on her progress.

Friday, June 13, 2008

An Interesting Website

Here is a link to a website put together by one of our most hard-working supporters, Dr. Ben Frederick. Dr. Frederick has been to Haiti several times with us and is planning on more trips on his own to continue his mission to help the people of Haiti. His website has a good bit of information on his goals, those he works with and a blog. If you have a few minutes, please check it out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Megan

What an incredibly beautiful baby! Baby Megan has one leg that is not in its hip socket. It needs fixed as soon as possible as it will hinder her growth and development. Please keep her in your prayers.

In Need of Prayer...

Please be in prayer for Joseph. This little boy has a brain tumor that has already caused him many troubles. It is very difficult to find care for children with brain tumors. Understandably, hospitals are often unwilling to embark on this type of venture due to the many number of unknowns in such cases. Without the advanced scanning equipment needed to diagnose the type of tumor, its location and its rate of progress, we cannot give all the information often needed to get the care donated. That doesn't mean we won't try and that we aren't asking you all to pray for Joseph and his family. If anyone knows a surgeon that might consider this case or be willing to consult with us on what this little man might be needing, please let us know. We will happily share all that we know at this point.

Baby Jorry

This handsome young man is Jorry Rosier. Jorry was born with Down Syndrome. Over 60% of children with Down Syndrome are born with some type of heart defect and Jorry is one of those unfortunate babies. If he was here in the United States, he would have surgery for his Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). In the US, we no longer deny children born with Down Syndrome the right to have life saving surgeries. That was not the case at one time, not all that long ago. In Haiti there is no one to do this surgery for him though his parents have tried all avenues. Unfortunately we've learned from past experiences, it seems that some doctors here in the US (who would certainly not deny an American child with Down Syndrome the opportunity to have his heart fixed) will actually refuse to do the same surgery for a child with DS from another country like Haiti. I am not sure why that type of logic still exists. and as a mother of a son with Down Syndrome (who needed heart surgery shortly after we adopted him from Venezuela as an infant 13 years ago), I find I am very unsettled and saddened by this situation.

Jorry deserves the opportunity for a long life, just as all children in the world deserve the best we can give them. We are told that all that God creates is good and that God never makes mistakes. I believe that with my whole heart and each time I look at my son, Gabriel, I see his perfection in new and enchanting ways. Gabe reminds me that our measure of perfection is not God's. I've learned that the way the world defines success is most definitely not the same as God has intended for his children. Each day, God's love and joy shines through those mischevious eyes and that glorious smile on my Gabe's face. No child of God should be discriminated against due to a condition like Down Syndrome. I am praying fervently that someone can help find a doctor who would be willing to do the surgery for his little man. His parents are committed and have already gotten a passport for him. Can anyone out there help them?


Little Chrisno's mom, Joanna has been looking for help for her son since his head began to swell when he was one month old. She came to us a number of months ago and we are now thrilled to say that he will be coming to Virginia soon to have a shunt put in to drain the excess fluid in his skull. We are very thankful that the hospital in Roanoke will once again donate the medical care this little man needs. The last baby they helped us with, Mia ( ) is doing wonderful back home with her family in Haiti. We are praying for the same great results for this little man. Despite the size of his head, he babbles and tries to interact with those around him. Vanessa says he is quite expressive for such a young guy. We will keep you all updated once he is here!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Juline's surgery went well and she is now home recovering with her host family. A big thanks to Kim for flying her here from Haiti and getting her through the surgery! We know you deserve some rest this summer!
Her host family says Juline is doing well and their daughters are enjoying playing with her. Please pray that all goes well and she recovers without any complications!


Please keep Vanessa in your prayers this week as she recovers from surgery. I can't tell you the number of hours and the amount of energy, Vanessa puts in to helping the children of Haiti. Now she needs to take a bit of time for herself. Please pray that God would be with her this week and give her the rest she needs.

Joanise Is Home

Joanise went home this weekend! A big thanks to her host dad who flew her to Port au Prince. Suzie flew her up to Cap Haitian this weekend to an orphanage run by Children of the Promise. Joanise has family in that area but will be staying with the wonderful folks at COTP so that she can continue to recieve medication. We know her mom was thrilled to have her home!
It was a long road for this little one with multiple surgeries. We truly appreciate all those who helped in Joanise's care while she was here. Please keep Joanise in your prayers!