Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Dear Friends and Family,

Praise God,

1 Pastor Gerard and his family have been found alive.

2 The Emanuel School, Chapel and Surgery Center are still standing. And now providing a home for 1,700 Haitians who have lost their homes. Photos of these places below.

We have redone the office in Virginia for Earthquake Relief and add more staff. Please pray for them daily as I am about to leave for Haiti.

Beth Richardson is our new Executive Assistant she can be reached at

Britnie Carpenter is our new Medical Teams Coordinator, she can be reached at

Fran Johnson is handling all of our host families for those children needing medical care in the US and if Refugee status is granted by the US Government for orphans. Her email is

Kez is alive and doing great things. I have been told she is working Miracles. Our Clinic on Delmas 91 is intact and she has been able to sleep indoors every night. Although not getting much sleep. She is out of supplies but thankful we will be there sometime next week.

Limited Phones she has been able to get limited phone service back and some internet.

Please pray that her water supply holds out. (this is of major concern)

I am in contact with the Military and will be assisting them as needed once on the ground.

* Please pray for the 7 of us that leave for Haiti Monday Morning.

* Please pray for the work we are about to do in Haiti may we all work to Gods Glory

* Please pray for the children at the orphanages who are out of food and water

* Please pray our Government opens it boarders to the children who are orphaned, That we have loving homes for each of these children who have lost everything

* Please Write your congressmen to support the relief needed.

* Please pray for the families we have lost and the ones we are still searching for

* With God all things are possible. This is horrible now but just how the Haitian People are reacting by sitting together and singing praises to God. It amazes me over and over in each broadcast if you listen you can here someone singing praises to God. Kez said that as she walks the streets helping and the 300 in the field close to us, you can always here someone praising God. Yes you see the bad things that the news covers, but that is a small part and made even more graphic when those people see New Media and Cameras.

* Thank you for all of your continued support, prayers and love

All my love in Christ love and service, Vanessa AKA Momma V

Vanessa A. Carpenter

Angel Missions Haiti - Director

home 540-380-4588
Cell 540-580-9721

Answering service 1-800-409-7948

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Jamie Neal said...

My thanks and prayers are you and your staff. May God's mercy and grace be with you and all people in Haiti.