Monday, May 24, 2010

Picture Update

The girls beating up on dada Troy

Oh Happy Day,

I am visiting with the triplets Hope, Grace and Faith. Whom are all doing so well. You would never know that just 8 months ago that they were clinging to life. Now Grace is up to 20 pounds 3 oz. Hope has passed up Faith and is 16.6 pounds and Faith is now the smallest at 16.1 pounds. Not bad for 2, 2 and 3 pound babies. They are still allergic to formula and are of the expensive substitute. Hope and Faith are crawling, pulling to stand up and walking around things. Grace is content to sit in the middle of the floor and watch all the fuss around her.

This morning we were treated to a pot and pan concert all 3 girls on the floor banging the pots and pans making wonderful music.

Church was great we participated in the Missions Sunday and all different Missionaries there to tell of the work that is bringing people to God. Girls were tired so did not stay for the wonderful potluck.

After their afternoon nap it was time to break out the swimming pool. Mommy got it out and Big Brother Julio helped to fill it. All three girls sat around the outside of the pool splashing to their hearts content. Julio who is bigger got into the pool and let the girls splash him. He even showed them how to float. Well what floating you can do at 5 and in 3 feet wide round pool, with 8 inches of water left in it?

Back in for dinner everyone ate great and now they have all had their bottles and are going to sleep for the night. I hope you enjoy the photos. Love Momma V

Hope, Grace and Faith look at us so big

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear AMH Family,

It is with a heavy heart I will write this next update. I am asking for prayers for Dr. Kitty Humphries and her family. Her beloved husband "Jamie" passed away last month while I was in Haiti. Dr. Kitty and Jamie have been long time supporters of AMH and the children we bring to the Roanoke Valley. She has helped us so much over the years with so many projects I can not even begin to list them all. Now she needs our prayers.

I am posting a photo of Dr. Kitty and Jamie 8 years ago at their wedding. His Memorial will also be posted. We all want to thank everyone who has donated in Memory of Jamie Humphries.

Thank you all my love V

James (Jamie) M. Humphreys, 38, Bedford
James (Jamie) McCracken Humphreys, age 38, of Bedford, departed this life on April 23, 2010. Jamie was the loving husband of Kathryn Luth Humphreys, MD, and the devoted stepfather of Matthew, Elena, Nick, and Mariah (Ches) Bono.
He was preceded in death by his beloved nephews, Lloyd Davis Jiang and Miles Weston Jiang.
He is survived by his mother, Nancy Lloyd Fisher Humphreys, of Kansas City, MO; and his father and stepmother, Richard and Margaret Humphreys, of Leesburg, VA; his sister Kristin Elizabeth Humphreys, MD, and her husband, Shao Jiang, MD, and his darling nephew Andrew Kai Jiang of Kansas City, MO; his beloved grandparents Phyllis and James Humphreys of Derry, PA; his mother-in -law Kathleen Luth Adams and husband Budd Adams; his aunt and uncle Euniann and John Grove, as well as his cousins, sisters- and brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews who loved him dearly.
Jamie was born in Munich, Germany. He was a lifelong athlete, excelling at hiking, soccer, tennis, skiing, and water sports. He enjoyed adopting companion animals and was an accomplished amateur astronomer and photographer. Jamie was a graduate of Handley High School in Winchester, and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Andrews College in North Carolina. After mentoring many children as a teacher and athletic director at James River Day School and Bedford Elementary School, and as a soccer coach of the Liberty High School Minutemen and Peaks Area Soccer Association, he went on to work as an Airways Systems Engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration in Leesburg.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day to all the Host moms who have been so supportive of the children they care for. For all of the long nights in the hospitals, all of the doctors appointments, and most of all for the love while they were here receiving life saving surgeries, so that they could go back to live with their parents in Haiti.

We had a nice semi quiet day. College kids over for dinner then off to study for finals at VT. It was a beautiful day to sit in the sun, play baseball or kick ball.

Enjoy some of these precious photos. I pray you all had a wonderful day also.

love V

A. Carpenter

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Christopher

He is in Michigan at his new host family and doing great. Almost sleeping through the night. He was unable to do that here with us.

I am attaching photo and part of the update his host mom Sue sent me. love V

Hi Vanessa!
I wanted to give you an update on Christopher.

He is a wonderful baby! He is mostly good natured, he does get crabby when he is tired. He now lets me rock him and I pat his back until he falls asleep. He loves to sit in one of several chairs I have for him and watch tv. He babbles and coos. He loves my husband and shows him with a smile :)

His tummy is doing fine. You must have broke him in for me because he has yet to throw up on me. I still don't let him eat more than 3 or 4 ounces at a time though. He only wakes one time at night, usually between 1 and 3 am. He eats a little and goes back to sleep within an hour.

His MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. He can have formula up until 7 am and then water after that until 10. His MRI is scheduled for noon and then we see the surgeon next Tuesday.

Even though this is a major lifestyle adjustment for me, I love doing this. I am anxious for his upcoming surgery so that he can start on the road to recovery.

My community is wonderful, I have had tons of diapers and formula donated to me, as well as gas cards to help me with the many trips to the doctors.

I will send you another update in a couple of days.

Much peace,

Sue Gasieski