Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake Update…


A major earthquake struck 10 miles South of Port au Prince just before 5pm local time. There has been significant structural damage to St. Joseph’s and they are still accounting for everyone. Most of the damage was below the level of the chapel and most of the kids were outside during the event. Wings suffered structural damage but all are safe there. We will continue to keep you posted as news comes in.

I have heard that Michael and the boys are fine.  In the street as it is not safe to go inside.  Bill was hurt but details are limited.   Please pray for all of the children at St. Josephs family and all of the other Orphanages Three Angels, God Little Children, HIS home for children, Deedee's house. Dorothy's house and the many others we do not even know. 


All my love momma V


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, I so have you and your children in my thoughts and prayers. My heart truly breaks knowing all you have put into this. I will email you with my personal email address. My immediate thought was to contact you and go..... I know there will be great needs and I just pray for safety and recovery and please be safe yourself and do what you need but with your head about you. They need you but need you safe.

Anonymous said...

May God be with you.
Maria Diez