Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They made it to the US

Thank you to all of the Churches who responded and took up a special collection for Solyviens ticket to the US. He and Fabienne arrived in Charlotte airport on July 22 at midnight. A very long day of traveling.

Fabienne is here for surgery on her back and club feet. She is a beautiful little baby girl.

Solyvien is in the Roanoke Valley for the next year. He will under go many surgeries on his leg and foot. He is already adjusting well to life in the US. He is amazed that light comes on each time he flips the switch. So we are having a lot of light flipping. He also loves to go to the sink and turn on and off the water. No Buckets!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great News!!


PRAISE GOD  Solyvien Favra got his visa! It has taken us 4 years to get this young man the right doctor, hospital and now visa but it is all approved.

 Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 007

Solyvien came to me 4 years ago, his leg had been broken years before and his father had no money to have it set properly.  Due to this Solyvien's leg had grown back together at an odd angle.   He has been unable to walk or play soccer.  Now with all of this approved we need to raise the plane fare for both him and his escort to get him to Roanoke. 

Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 005 

Please if anyone can help send a check to Angel Missions put Solyvien’s  name in the memo.  The sooner we get this young man to Roanoke the sooner he will be once again able to walk.  It will be a hard road with lots of surgeries and physical therapy but he is so ready for it. 

  Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 012
All my love V

Vanessa A. Carpenter
Angel Missions Haiti - Director