Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture Updates…

The first one is the best photo I have ever taken.  All the kids are smiling.  The girls look great but still having water green diarrhea.  Please continue to keep them in prayer. 


December 2009 014


December 2009 015

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Triplets Update…

Hello to everyone!

I am so sorry that there have not been updates on the triplets.  We have had problems with the computer crashing and not remembering how to access the sight.  On September 19 I was able to bring the triplets to the US for medical care.   We have been able to get them diagnosed and found that they have a very rare allergy to Milk, Soy and Goats milk.  They are on a hypoallergenic formula.  They are gaining weight and will all have surgery on their Hernia's next spring when they are bigger.


IMG_0764 IMG_0777


Grace is up to 11.3 pounds
Faith is up to  9.7 pounds
Little Hope is up to 8.6 pounds

We are so blessed to have them in our lives and doing so well.  All of my kids love them and help with them.


IMG_0796 IMG_0804

IMG_0868 IMG_0882 IMG_0888

Please keep our work in Haiti in prayer as donations are way down and there are so many children like the girls who will die without medical care.  We need to raise $15,000 to get all of the equipment installed in the surgery center.  Our container was released from customs this past week.  Our dream of a surgery center in Haiti were we can help save so many more children’s lives is almost finished.  We will start surgeries in April of this year.  Please pray for medical teams to come help so many children in Haiti. 

love V

Solyvien Favra…

Solyvien Favra is doing great.  Imagine being a little boy in an accident that kills your mother and leave you lame for the rest of your life.  Just because your father could not pay the outrageous cost of medical care.  Solyvien and his father were turned away from the hospital because of not enough funds to pay in advance for medical care.

It took us 4 years to get Solyvien accepted into the US for life changing medical care.   Solyvien is here in Virginia receiving care from Carillion Hospital.  He will need 3 surgeries to get his foot straightened.  He is in school learning so much and doing so well.  Just look at his smile and how great his foot looks after just one surgery.

June photos 017 June photos 018

IMG_0935 IMG_0933

Solyvien has also been to the Dentist to have his teeth checked and fixed.  He had two teeth that had to be extracted they were broken in two and the dentist said they were some of the worst teeth he has seen.  I can not imagine having that kind of pain in my mouth for years.



Solyvien's story is just one, thousands of children who go without medical care every year.   Many die due to the lack of affordable medicine or surgery.   It is so important that we are able to get the clinic and surgery center up and running.  We will be able to help the children who's parents can not get them medical care.   Parents that love their children and go from clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital pleading for care for their child.

Little Angel Surgery Center,  We are partnering with Haitian Christian Outreach to open two operating rooms.  For US doctors to go to Haiti and operate on the children of Haiti.   Special operations such as Cleft, Hydrocephalus, orthopedic.  Our container of equipment was finial released from customs.  The building is built, we now have the container we are only short $15,000 to finish and install all operating equipment.  Recovery rooms will be also be equipped and ready to go.  We are now signing up medical teams to come each month to operate on the children who need our care.  If you or anyone you know want to be a part of this monument life changing and saving mission please contact us at

We hope to train Haitian Doctors and Nurses to continue free medical care for the children.  It will take years, but with God all things are possible,  our dream for helping the Haitian People will come true.   Thank you for all you love, prayers and support. 

love V

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Triplet Update…

I am happy to tell you after only 10 days we have hit another milestone.  Last night all 3 girls woke up on their own, for food.  Hope has been the last hold out.  I was so proud of her, I cried and prayed.  We have much more to accomplish I just wanted you all to celebrate  and Thank God with us.
I took photos today when they were all awake (and happy at the same time).  It is so hard to believe that they this little.  I used a wash cloth as a blanket to cover them from the air coming in the window.  And the regular bottle I use to make up there formula was laying there.  It is bigger than their bodies. 

grace hope faith 021

Bernard was able to get the paperwork he needed and so tomorrow we go for passports for each child.  Then all we have to do is get the file together and go to the embassy.   Please continue to pray that they give us these much needed visas.  Then I will make arrangements to fly home with all 3 babies. 

Thank you to the local churches who are on stand by to start helping at our house round the clock. 

Blessings to all of you,

  love V

A Quick Update…

Well other than being very very tried all is going well.   A dear friend is here to help tonight so I can sleep all night long. 
We are all doing ok.  Not great but stable.  Bernard is racing to get all of the paperwork for the babies and of course I do not have all the funds needed.   Please if anyone can help we could use your help.
Sammy's Uncle came in to Port au Prince today.  He said the whole village had a party for Sammy on Monday welcoming him home.
Sammy is doing great.  Eating, playing sleeping and being well loved by Mom, Dad and all his aunts and uncles.

Have a blessed day love,


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Couple of Pictures…


New babies 059One of the newest little girls


New babies 031 

Sammy family photo


Kerven was a healthy 8 year old boy until march of this year.   This mass started to grow at a rapid pace.  He has no time to go to the US.   A doctor friend of mine is coming to Haiti Sept 12.  Will try to operate and pay for his medical care.  Please pray for Kervens and his family.

New babies 008

All In God’s Timing…


We often say in Gods timing but do we truly know what that means. I am going to tell you about my last week here in Haiti. Let me know what you think.

I was scheduled to bring Sammy back to Haiti Sept. 1. Unknown to his family so that we could get the reunion on tape with out them knowing he was coming.

4 weeks before this scheduled trip. I receive an email asking if I still worked in Haiti. There were these Christian bands and Rap artist who were going to raise money for AMH and some others working in Haiti. Would I be in the Miami area on Aug. 21.

Well I was not to be in the Miami area and I really did not want to miss the first days of school with my children. But if I were to fly to Miami on the 21st. It only made since and saved funds to go on to Haiti early and return Sammy.

So we made plans to come to Miami for the concert and then fly onto Haiti with Sammy. I went to the Embassy where he was received as a Star (No one including me ever thought he would make it )

The next day I got tickets for me and Bill Nathan to go to Port de Paix to take Sammy back to his mother and father. We did not tell any of them. We went and were met at the airport by a driver. But Sammy’s bag did not make the trip. So we had to spend the entire day at the small airport waiting for the late flight to bring us his meds and formula all of his clothing.

It was almost to late to travel to Sammy’s home town (3) hours away Basin Bleu. But we went. Got there right before dark. Took Sammy to his Uncle then his parents house. The reunion was wonderful. We stayed at Missions of Love they were wonderful and did not even know we were coming. The next day I went back to Sammy’s house to see him before we started back to Port de paix. We were driving and the doctors said to me. Have you ever seen triplets survive in Haiti. I told him know, it is even rare for twins to make it. He pointed out a road and said that two months ago there were triplets born down that road. Do I want to go take a photo of them. Sure I was seeing the small village and people that would be great. So we went.

Well we got there and in a bed was 3 of the smallest human beings I have ever seen. They were all ill, running a fever and barely breathing. The mother said she had been praying for God to send an Angel to take them. And just that day I had worn my Angel Missions T-shirt. She said she thought he would send an angel to take them to heaven. She was so happy to see me. Mom is also ill. They showed me mom has NO milk, they had been given 3 cans of formula when the babies were born but they were empty. Showed me the empty cans. I was told for the last 8 days all they could give them was sugar water. (Not clean water but out of a dirty creek)

They asked me to take the babies. Please make them well like you did Sammy. How do you say No to that. I prayed and both the doctor and I thought that two of them would not make it through the night. The doctor even said maybe you should wait come back tomorrow to see if they are still alive. I looked at the parents told them that there were no promises that they would live even tonight but if they wanted I would take them to Port au Prince and try to get medical visas for them. I told them over and over that they may die.

The father, doctor and myself picked them up and headed out to the car. I do not think they wanted to give me time to change my mind. We looked all over the small village No formula or even powdered milk anywhere to be found. We went to Sammy’s parents and asked for a little bit of formula and a bottle. We got a dropper from the doctor and started to feed them back at Missions of Love, We got a few droppers in each baby. I threw all of my stuff in a bag and we headed to Port de Paix.

I knew of a Missionary there who had said we could stay with them anytime we were in town. So we went. 3 ½ hours later we arrived. Me, Bill and 3 babies. (Lashbrook Family Ministries) They took us in and helped me to do all necessary for the next 2 days to keep these little angels alive. They gave us formula, bottles, diapers, cloths, they stayed up with me and them and we fed them every 2 hours. Well sure enough they came around. I also got medication for them all as soon as we got into town. Called the US doctor and asked how much to give each of them. 1 cc because they are so small. We gave them on drop of cough meds and Tylenol around the clock all fevers broke.

Hanna, Vance, Audra, Julie, Keith, took such wonderful care of us and they already have 115 children depending on them.

On Sunday we returned to Port au Prince by air. Me Bill and 3 smaller than new born infants. (remember now that they are 2 months old).

Showed up at St. Josephs gave Michael the scare of his life. He is happy my clinic is next door. He also has been so very helpful and my boys are priceless as always.

We got Dr. Jack on Sunday to see all 3 babies he was amazed at how they look. How well they are doing and how small they are. The littlest has Pneumonia and the other have horrific colds. Fevers that come and go. But it has now been 5 days and all are still alive.

We are working on Medical visa’s for all three. We are praying for their recovery and the funds to come in for me to get them all to the US.

I started this out in Gods Timing. His timing is always perfect. If I had not listened to him and went to Miami and then on to Haiti. These 3 beautiful little girls would not be here now.

Please keep us in prayer. For all who live close in Virginia we are going to set up a volunteer sheet for people to come to the house and help us with the babies around the clock. Please consider signing up for a shift here and there. For anyone who feels led to help with the expense please send donations to Angel Missions Haiti (for Grace, Hope and Faith) I named them this so I could keep up with them. There given names are very close to the same name. Wayne, Waylande, Wayline. I am very sleep deprived and need to keep straight in my head who I am working with at all times. We are recording all intake and out take of formula. Had only a few vomiting spells.

Thank you to everyone who is helping and will help with these babies soon. Love V

4 days after getting them

Hope, Grace, Faith (Grace and Faith are identical)

These are preemie cloths that are way to big on them.

New born diapers cover them all the way to their chest

Vanessa A. Carpenter

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prayer Needed…

Well God always has a plan.  I brought Baby Sammy back to his parents, it went so well.  He loves them and they adore him.  They have been very thankful and continue to kiss love and hug on him.  I have it all on tape for when I get them home to show you.

However While we were in the Village Sammy is from the doctor said he wanted to show me a set of triplets that had been born on July 6 (my Jonathans birthday).  We went to the home.  A one room place with 7 children.  The mom was sick and can not take care of them.  We tried to find formula but none anywhere to be found.  The parents showed me 3 empty formula cans that someone had given them.   They said they had been out of formula for 8 days.  They had been giving them sugar water.  They begged me to take them and make  them well like baby Sammy.  So Momma V is now in Port de Paix with 3 infants at yet another missions who have taken us all in for the next two days until I can get these three to port au prince with me. 

We have given them the names of Faith Hope and Grace (as we can not say the names we were told)

Faith and Hope weigh in at 2 pounds.  Grace is 3 pounds.   At the present time they third feeding no vomiting (Praise God) they are coming alert.  Hope and Grace have bad coughs and had a fever which has now broken on both.   We started with an eye dropper earlier today and now all 3 have a suck reflex which is wonderful.  

The Mission we are at is called Lashbrook family ministries.  They are helping me feed them every two hours.  We will do this around the clock all night. 

Please pray that all 3 girls make it through the night, God gives us the wisdom and visa's for these 3.  All of the orphanages I know are over filled and can not take them in. 
They are going to require a lot of care to make it.



Grace,Faith, Hope

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabienne Update…


Fabienne is out of the hospital and with her new Host family.  Thank you Erica and Mike for helping us out on such short notice. Fabienne can lay on her back. She loves sitting up in a car seat and bouncing in the bouncy seat.  This is great news!  Thank you everyone for your prayers!

fabi 007



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Christ 4 Kids Music Festival…


On August 21, 2009 at 7205 SW 125th Ave in Miami, Florida there is going to be a Christ 4 Kids Music Festival. All funds raised will go directly to the children of Haiti. Admission is only $7.00! Some of the artists that will be appearing are: Rey King, Sky Life, Jblaze and Between Thieves. Check out their website for more information at :

Great News!


Baby Fabienne Joseph has made it through her surgery and is doing well. I am attaching a few photos of her before and after surgery.
We have already found a new host family for her since her present host family is now being transfered to Florida.  We thank them for all that they did for Fabienne.  Please keep everyone in prayer. 

In Christ Love and Service, 


IMG_0568[1] IMG_0569[1]

IMG_0572[1] IMG_0571[1]


Thursday, August 13, 2009



We want to congratulate Dr. Paul Farmer, who has been appointed Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti by Former President Bill Clinton.    This is a huge honor and will help with the medical in Haiti.  Dr. Farmer has worked in Haiti in the Central Platue for years and has  built a wonderful hospital in that area,  PIH, Partners In Health.  I have personal met Dr. Farmer and he is a very nice man.  He encouraged me to continue working in Haiti and to open the surgery center in Port au Prince. 

Little Angels Surgery Center is scheduled to open its doors officially January 2010.   The third floor to the  building was just put under roof.   We are so happy to be partnered with Haitian Christian Outreach with this project.   So many of our doctors here in the US can not wait to go to Haiti and help so many more children.  We are now scheduling surgery Medical Trips for next year. 
Our Container of equipment landed in Haiti the beginning of August, we pray it will be cleared through customs by September so that we will be able to have our January opening date.  Please keep this in your prayers. 

We are still signing up Individuals and Congregations to donate $100 a month to pay for all of the employees we need to hire and train to make this a huge success.  In our humble opinion the creation of jobs as well as the free surgeries for the children will help save so many lives in Haiti.  If you have any questions about this or need any further information please contact either Tom or Vanessa  at 540 580 9721.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE   100% OF ALL DONATIONS GO TO HELPING THE CHILDREN OF HAITI.  Please keep this in your daily prayers. 

Fabienne made it to Chicago for her surgery.   She will have surgery tomorrow morning.  We are however in need of a new host parent as her host family was notified yesterday of a transfer.  So if you or someone you know lives in the Chicago land area please contact Vanessa by email or 540 580 9721.   Please keep Fabienne and all the children awaiting care in prayer. 

Have a blessed week 



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They made it to the US

Thank you to all of the Churches who responded and took up a special collection for Solyviens ticket to the US. He and Fabienne arrived in Charlotte airport on July 22 at midnight. A very long day of traveling.

Fabienne is here for surgery on her back and club feet. She is a beautiful little baby girl.

Solyvien is in the Roanoke Valley for the next year. He will under go many surgeries on his leg and foot. He is already adjusting well to life in the US. He is amazed that light comes on each time he flips the switch. So we are having a lot of light flipping. He also loves to go to the sink and turn on and off the water. No Buckets!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great News!!


PRAISE GOD  Solyvien Favra got his visa! It has taken us 4 years to get this young man the right doctor, hospital and now visa but it is all approved.

 Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 007

Solyvien came to me 4 years ago, his leg had been broken years before and his father had no money to have it set properly.  Due to this Solyvien's leg had grown back together at an odd angle.   He has been unable to walk or play soccer.  Now with all of this approved we need to raise the plane fare for both him and his escort to get him to Roanoke. 

Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 005 

Please if anyone can help send a check to Angel Missions put Solyvien’s  name in the memo.  The sooner we get this young man to Roanoke the sooner he will be once again able to walk.  It will be a hard road with lots of surgeries and physical therapy but he is so ready for it. 

  Haiti Oct. Teresas photo 012
All my love V

Vanessa A. Carpenter
Angel Missions Haiti - Director

Friday, June 26, 2009

Urgent Need for Host Family

Dear Friend and Family,

We have an urgent request for a host family in the Houston Texas area. We have this beautiful little girl Magalie Touissaint dob Jan. 18, 2007, who needs to come to the US for life saving surgery. We have a doctor in the Houston area working to get her accepted at Texas childrens or Ben Taub or Baylor. We are in need of a host family to care for this child in this area. If you or someone you know would be willingto host Magalie please contact Vanessa ASAP. Hosting a child is a life changing event for every family. There is paperwork that must be completed. Magalie was born with a Frontal Nasal Encephalocele. Her CT scan shows that her brain in intact. She has no other medical Conditions. She is a very happy healty 18 month old little girl. We can help her by all working together. Thank you for your help.

love V

Vanessa A. Carpenter

Angel Missions Haiti - Director

Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on "Little Angels Surgery Center"

Packing was completed of all surgical equipment for the Surgery Center on June 20. It must ship in the next 10 days and we are still raising funds to cover shipping and customs. Please if anyone would like to help it is totally tax deductable. Once the equipment is delivered and installed we will be able to help hundreds of children a month. So many more will have life saving surgery quickly. This building was built by Haitian Christian Outreach and is a huge blessing. Haitian Christian Outreach has been a large driving force to get all of the equipment needed. A huge thank you to Pastor Mac and his wife for traveling all over, to get the needed medical equipment to Indiana for shipment. You can check out there web site at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sammy Update

Hi Everyone,

Well AMH continues to grow. In two weeks I will have at least one part time person to help in the office in Virginia.

Baby Samuel is doing great, here are his latest photos and his letter home to his mommy & daddy who can not believe how many people have come forward to care for their son.

Thank you for all of the prayers he is doing great. love V
Vanessa A. Carpenter

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

How are you? I am doing very well. I went to see the doctor last week. I weigh 10 pounds, 14 ounces and am 23 inches long. I am just starting to sleep through the night now. I still drink about 30 ounces of soy formula every day and I now fit into 0-3 month clothes.

Last week my legs were measured for the braces that will help to straighten my clubbed feet. Hopefully they will be here this week. Then the doctor will fit the braces to my legs. I am supposed to wear them whenever I am asleep, during the night and at nap times. I still kick and move my legs and feet a lot. The doctor says I have good leg movement; he’s very happy about that. All the physical therapy we are doing is helping, too. The muscles in my legs and feet are not as tight as they were before.

I also had my Early Intervention Evaluation last week. A team of therapists came and played with me. They watched me move around and took note of everything I am doing. I kept them very entertained. I have some delays in some areas, mostly physical, but my host mommy Shirley said we knew that I would have some of them. Socially, I am right where they want me to be. I am a very happy, sociable little fellow. The feeding therapist is going to be watching me very carefully because sometimes I get a little choked on my milk.

My surgical sites are all healed up now, and everyone is very pleased, especially with how well my back has healed. My hair is just starting to grow back after the doctor had to shave a small portion of my head to put in the shunt.

I am a very happy little baby. I do not cry a lot, usually just when I am hungry. I like to have playtime on the blanket on the floor and I also like to be held, talked to and sung to. Mommy Shirley says I am a very special little boy to have two mommies who love me so much, and that God must have big plans for me.

Well, I am starting to get hungry again, so mommy Shirley is going to feed me now. I hope you are well. I miss you.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

More from The Comfort


To The USNS Comfort Medical Ship and personel

When I was asked to help with Project Continuing Promises, I had no idea what I had said YES to.

The last 10 days have been the hardest and happiest all rolled into one . When a medical ship pulled into the country we had no idea what a blessing it would be. I will let the photos tell the story and please email me any questions.

I do not have the final numbers yet but Thousands of people were seen by Medical doctors, eye doctors, urologiest, Ent's and dentists. 158 people were able to have life saving surgeries on the ship USNS Comfort.

Friday, April 17, 2009