Sunday, January 24, 2010

AMH update from Haiti

First let me THANK everyone for the prayers, and support we have received.

We are all doing well in Haiti and making it one hour at a time, one day at a time.

Working in Haiti was hard before all of this devastation. Now it is next to impossible. We are going to need ongoing medical teams each week to come and work at the clinic. Help out at different facilities that we partner with.

We are very thankful that most everyone we know and work with here in Haiti are alive and safe.

As I have said before words can not describe what is going on here. How devastating everything is.

One funny note: We were in traffic waiting and I noticed somewhere between 15-20 sheep standing on a walk way. When traffic stopped they crossed in front of us in a line. It was not until they were all across the street and walking down the other side did I realize that no Haitian was with them. They were just following the leader. The leader is walking, just walking down the street.

How bizarre is that. But it brings to mind God, we are all following his calling he is leading us and I have to believe he was leading the sheep to a safe place, just as he leads all of us to him.

I know you are seeing bad things on the news and reports of looting but we are seeing none of this. Just adults and children in shock and hurting, we are doing everything we can for them.

We had 4 translators show up today that worked on the USNS Comfort they are helping, here at Fr. Ricks hospital, in Tabarra.

It took days for me to bring myself to take photos. I know I should have taken some but could not stop long enough to do it.

I have no news from the children who have come to the states for care. I figure it will take months and some we will never know what happened to them. So many have fled Port au Prince to the DR and lots show up trying to get out at the embassy every day. Some are gone and there will be no one to tell us. Bernard and his family got their visa’s to go to the US in November so they had already moved before this happened. He and Suzie and Berny are all fine in Miami. But because he has not yet been replaced there is no one for the families to call or come and see.

I wish I could get my brain to write more. But I must get back to transferring patients.

All my love

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chad said...

Your work in Haiti will always remain the most real example I have ever seen of someone pouring themselves out in service to someone else. You are a hero Vanessa. It was an honor to work with you.