Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wecome to Angel Missions

My name is Fran Johnson and I am a member of the Angel Missions Haiti workgroup. This small organization is run by 5 women from Virginia who are commited to helping children in Haiti obtain much needed medical care so that they might have the opportunity to live the lives God has planned for them. We are all volunteers and the program runs strictly on the generosity of those who have a heart for these children and their desperate families. As the designated secretary of of Angel Missions, I have been assigned the momentous task of keeping this blog updated. However, as a busy mom of 6 children (three biological daughters and 3 adopted sons), I am not sure I can do this blog justice all by my lonesome, I have asked all the women of Angel Missions Haiti to share their information, thoughts and requests whenever they feel led.

We have started this blog as a forum to provide information to our supporters and those that may wish to join us in this mission. Our posts will tell you all about the children we are trying to help, provide updates on the children who are in the United States for medical care and also the reunion stories of those that are back with their families. As often as we can, we will share pictures of these beautiful children as they travel down their sometimes long road to recovery. We will also share opportunities for you all to get involved with our efforts through traveling with us on mission trips, assisting us in identifying resources for medical care, serving as host families and fundraising to help bring children here for care. AND, most importantly, we will ask for prayers for our efforts, for the children and their families, for the wonderful doctors and nurses in our network, for the families here that are loving & caring for these little ones and for God's Will to be done as we serve Him by serving others.

Please don't hesitate to tell us what you think or to volunteer to join us! We also have a website under construction at - please check it out!


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