Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Anderson is a intelligent & thoughtful 15 year old from Port-au-Prince. He lives with his aunt there and attends school where he studies history, math & French. School was sometimes difficult for Anderson as he suffered from a severe VSD. The hole in his heart was very large and it often made him weak. Over the years, so many people have promised to help Anderson with his heart condition, but unfortunately, they all left Haiti and never returned to help him. In June 2006, Anderson and his aunt came to ask for our help. After hearing their story, Vanessa told them we would do what we could. Angel Missions Haiti takes each case that we can, but our success depends on whichever wonderful doctors and hospitals come forward to help us.

Thankfully, we were blessed and Anderson was quickly accepted by a team from Hershey Pennsylvania. We still needed a host family close to the hospital and also to raise the funds for his plane ticket. All these arrangements came together for Anderson and he arrived in the United States on December 21st. The latest update we had on January 10th was that he has had his surgery and is well on his way to recovery. His heart has been repaired and he is gaining strength each day. Soon, Anderson will return to his aunt in Haiti. In the picture below, you can see Anderson holding a photo and a quarter. The photo shows just how large the hole was in his heart! We know that God has great plans for this young man.
Anderson's family and Angel Missions is thankful to the members of Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren in Virginia for helping to raise the money for all of his plane ticket and the many others who helped with fundraising to cover the costs of the paperwork, medical tests, visa and other expenses. We pray that God would bless each of you as you have blessed this wonderful young man.


Ben said...

We had the pleasure of hosting Anderson in Hershey, and we have been immensely blessed by the time he spent here with us. He arrived back safely in Haiti on March 18th and he is now back at school.

The difference the surgery made for Anderson has already been terrific. Within 2 months he gained 10 pounds and grew by 2 shoe sizes!

Anderson is just as Fran described. He is very kind, intelligent, friendly, and polite.

It was a great honor to be part of this whole process, and to realize how many different hands are needed to make something like this happen.

Fran said...

Thanks for posting, Ben! We wouldn't be able to help these children without the generous hospitality of our incredible host families. You all took wonderful care of Anderson and were a huge part of the success of his surgery. I know he will remember your kindness for his lifetime!
Thank you!
Many Blessings,