Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We will do all we can to help...

It has been a busy and eventful week so far in Haiti. Vanessa and I have visited with many families and children. Word spreads quickly!

First the good news: Skyline received approval for her visa on Tuesday and should be able to leave for the states with Vanessa on Sunday. She will be going to Virginia and staying with Heather while she has her cleft lip surgery. Please be praying that Bernard (our medical visa program director) will be able to pick up her passport and visa from the embassy on Thursday and that she and Vanessa have a safe flight home.

We have visited Food for the Poor and confirmed arrangements for Bernard to pick up food distributions for the several orphanages we are supporting. We have also delivered the donations that we both brought with us to the various organizations and children that need them.

Most of our time, however, we have spent meeting new patients. A friend, Pastor Samuel has brought us two teenagers both with facial tumors. These young women are having a terrible time with these tumors which are not just disfiguring, but also starting to block vision and are painful at times. As this is a condition we have not yet worked with, please be in prayer that we are able to find doctors in the states that can help these two.

This afternoon, we saw two little girls that need immediate medical attention. The first was a beautiful 4 month old baby girl with hydrocephaly. Her parents are doing all they can here to care for her, but she needs surgery immediately. This little one is so bright and happy in her mother's arms, but it is obvious that the pressure on her brain is causing problems with her vision. We will need to raise funds to pay for airfare for someone to fly to Haiti and escort her back to the US.

The last little one we saw has a heart defect called a VSD and it seems to be causing her heart to enlarge. She is easily out of breath and you can see her little heart beating quickly under her thin shirt. Her father is so devoted to his daughter and treasures her as he lost her mother shortly after birth. We are hoping to find a cardiologist quickly so that we can bring this little one for surgery as soon as possible.

We have told her father and all the other parents that we will do all we can to help their children, but sometimes it takes us awhile to find doctors and raise the funds to bring the little ones here. We need help to make this happen...will you join us???

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