Monday, January 22, 2007

The Price Family

I titled my entry "The Price Family" because although I (Heather) am the one who is mainly involved with AMH, it is impossible to do so without the support and encouragement of those around me. I have been married to my amazing husband Jason for 12 1/2 years. He is my best friend and I praise God that HE gave us both the same dreams for our lives. Number one: Grow closer to God every day. Number two: provide whatever children He sends our way with all the love, encouragement, and snuggling they need! Our daughters, Madeline age 9 and Sydney age 8, came to us "au naturale". They are both horse crazy and would spend all day out riding if we let them! Our son Gabriel, age 5, came home to us at 5 1/2 months of age from Guatemala. He is a whiz at karate, and is basically incredibly talented at any sport he tries. Daniel is our Haitian born son. He is 2 1/2 and came to us through the adoption program set up by Answered Prayers .( He has been home for a year now and is such a joy in our lives. He loves music and dancing more than anything. He is also quite a ham and loves to be the center of atttention. It was during our adoption of Daniel that I met Vanessa. She was, at the time, working with Three Angels Orphanage in PAP. She blessed us with our first foster baby in April of 2005. Berny was 3.5 months old when he came to us for cleft lip and palate surgery, and because of the severity of his cleft he ended up staying with us for about 6 months. Taking him back to Haiti in October of 2005 was simultaneously one of the most joyful, and one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever done. I will never forget the look of joy and relief on his mothers face as I placed him back in her arms. It is moments like those that make all the fundraising, paperwork, and travel time worthwhile! We now anxiously await our foster daughter, Skytine, who should be in the country in early February. We know it will be so hard to fall in love and say goodbye again, and yet how can we say no. If my child had to leave me for months at a time for painful operations and procedures I would be praying desperately for a family to love them as I would. Do unto others...
Berny before surgery, and Berny after surgery with his crew!
I hope you will prayerfully consider how you can help a child in need. The blessings you will receive in return will humble you and lift you up in ways you cannot imagine!

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