Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Come and see!

I often ask myself, "Why Haiti?" Before my first trip to Haiti in February of 2005 I had been to other places to do missions work. I had seen poverty. I had seen the void that comes with not knowing the Lord. I always left each place grateful for what I had learned and that I could be used in some small way. But Haiti was different. To try to explain it to someone who has never been is much like trying to explain Santa Claus to a Martian. There is no point of reference. Every time I fly into Haiti I smile knowing God has something to teach me. And every time I fly out of Haiti I cry. I cry because I don't want to leave, and I cry because I GET to leave. I know I will miss the faces of the people. I know that as I look back on my encounters with them I will be stretched and inspired in new and beautiful ways. Haiti is a hard country, and many of her people are hardened as well. But if you scratch down a little you find a hopefulness and even a cheerfulness which defies all circumstance. Seeing that has changed me, and it will change you. If you would like to join us on a trip please check out our mission trip schedule on the right and get in touch with us.

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