Monday, October 4, 2010

A Marck update - from Melissa


Marck was scheduled to have a tube implant in the right eye and stitches taken out of the left eye yesterday. Amazingly, the eye pressure in the right eye was 12 (it was in the 30's at last check) and the glaucoma specialist said that the eye is developing new white tissue and blood vessels. Given how healthy it looks, Marck did not need the tube implant. Praise God for his miraculous touch! The stitches were taken out of the left eye with no complication and Dr.Edelstein said everything in that eye looks good. All in all, it was an easy day. Marck had no issues related to the anesthesa. He slept well last night and is his playful self today. We are so thankful for this good news.

We will need to come back to St.Louis in 8 weeks to have some specialized measurements taken of his eyes and for the glaucoma specialist to look at the retina. He said that it is possible that the pressure is low because the retina is detached. He was unable to look at the retina with the equipment available in the surgical room. He did not seem to think the retina is detached, but it is a possibility. We are believing for a miracle in that eye.

Thank you again for your continued prayers on Marck's behalf. Please keep us in prayer as we make the 17 hour drive home tomorrow!


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