Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sebastien Armani is here

WEll it has taken years to get the proper medical care set up for little Sebastien, you see his problem was not life saving so, even though it would change his life for the better it has been very hard to get medical care here for him. We have been working on his case for over 6 years.
I am happy to report that Sebastien arrived in the US yesterday and is with his host family in Florida. He will be having surgery here within the next few days.

Sebastien has a problem urinating. There are many boys born each year that need surgery to make their Penis work properly. In Sebastien's case his hole was at the base of his penis not the top. This made it impossible for him to control his urine and it leaks constantly. Not only is this condition embarrassing but can cause multitude of problems for the young boys each year. Infections are constant and they are very painful to these little boys.

I tell you all of this because we need more doctors and hospitals willing to take children like Sebastien. We have an on going list of children who need the following surgeries; Orthopedic, Heart, Neuro, club feet, Urology, If you are a medical professional or know someone who is; please make this need known to them. AMH does all of the paperwork both in Haiti and the US, we set up host families and have power of attorney of each child while they are here in the US. We raise the funds for each childs expenses to come to the US and get the medical visa. Once the children are well they are returned to their loving families who are forever greatful in Haiti. Any one wishing for more information can contact Tami or Vanessa at the following email address Tami = Tamishobe@hotmail.com or Vanessa@angelmissions.org

May God continue to bless you and your families. love Momma V

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