Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vanessa Mesidor has her surgery

Hi Everyone from Memphis TN. We arrived on Saturday evening after a long day of flights. Little Vanessa was very tired, for that matter so was big Vanessa. Our wonderful host family. Sunday Vanessa wanted to attend church so with a wheel chair we all went to church, it was a wonderfuls service. Lots of well wishers and prayers for Vanessa's up coming surgery.

Monday morning brought us to the Hospital for many hours of tests. Then we met with a doctor, she felt Vanessa was to ill for surgery. I was very upset. But knew this is all in Gods timing. I headed to the airport waiting on a flight to take me home for a few days. As I sat there Praying on and off trying to figure all of this out the phone rang. It was the same doctor who felt she was to ill asking for us to return in the morning to meet with both surgeons. Oh Thank you God. Called got a ride back to the host family. Vanessa was very surprised to see me, very happy to know we were going back to the doctor in the morning.

Morning came and we went to our meeting. We discussed the options and I told them that her father knew the risks and he had stated that it would be better for her to go to God here, than to suffer in Haiti. Please try. They admitted us. Surgery for 6:30 the next morning. We came down she went back. Surgery started at 8:15 the hospital was wonderful giving updates every hour. By 2:00 Vanessa was headed to VC ICU. She had not two valves but 3 of the 4 needing surgery. One was replaced two were fixed. We were told we were not out of the woods the next 72 hours were very important. Vanessa had a good night and by this morning her heart was improving more than they thoght possible. She was taken off the vent, the new echo showed her heart continuing to improve. This evening one of the doctors tells me she is doing better than anyone thought possible. I said it is God showing his Mircales. As belivers we knew God would heal Vanessa by using the doctors or taking her home to him.

Vanessa continues to get better each hour thank you to everyone who is praying for her. all our love Big Vanssa aka Momma V

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