Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayers needed for upcoming trip

Hi dear friends,

Today I leave for Haiti. This will be a very short trip as there are many things that need to happen but very little time to do them in. We will be working on paperwork that needs special signatures. Vanessa Mesidor's visa (have flights for her to fly out on Saturday Oct. 2, Operation to be on Oct. 4. Please pray all goes fast and well for her. We have 9 children we are awaiting passports for. I will be trying to meet with the Minister of the Interior to work out these problems.
We have a medcial team coming down from November 10-17 please pray all get their passports so that they can travel.

Lastly Widlove continues to do so well. I plan to visit him on October 9th.
Adriano continues to grow and become a healthy happy baby, his next step of casting his foot has started.
Baby Marck is doing great after his two eye surgeries. You can tell that he is seeing something but until he is old enough to tell us how much the doctors are not sure. He watches things, people moves his head and tracks. Praise God
Georgy had his long awaited surgery. He is doing great and is proud to tell everyone I am all Boy now. This is an amazing case with an amazing kid and doctor. We can not thank everyone enough for helping this little boy become normal and giving him a chance at life. The condition he was born with was already turning into cancer but it is all gone now.

May Gods Blessings rain down on you and your family this week. love V

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