Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh God you bless us so much

Dear Friends and Family,

Vanessa Mesidor continues to shock and amaze the medical professionals. We all know it is God working. Vanessa had surgery last Wednesday October 6, where she had not two but three valves in her heart operated on. Before surgery we were told the odd where not in her favor. She came through surgery ok. Again we were told that the next 72 hours would be cridical, Vanessa continued to get better each hour. With in 24 hours the doctors were sure God was working here helping her to heal. Before surgery we were told she would be in the hospital for recovery for at least two weeks maybe longer.

Today however I am happy to report that Vanessa continues to get better hour by hour she is already gaining weight, and will be released tomorrow just one week after her surgery. Vanessa will stay with host family and continue to heal and get better. Then she will be flown back to Haiti and her wonderful God fearing family who has never once given up on her or the doctors.

I can not say thank you enough to all who have played a part of getting Vanessa her medical care and getting her here. She is a wonderful beautiful young lady who will now have a great chance at life. She will be able to return to school and do all of the things that had been impossible for her just one week ago.

This is all to Gods Glory, he opens all doors for each of these children we are just blessed enough to be able to help on the sidelines with the work. Thank you God for Tom, all of my children and all of the children and families you bring into my life with this work.

All my love Momma V

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