Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New medical visa candidates

I had 10 new patients visit yesterday. Some were not medical visa candidates, but here are a few that were:

Emerson is one of my ravine patients from Delmas 31. He has a cleft lip.

Widenico is 5 years old and has a simple bowed leg. She gets around on it without much trouble but it still needs to be fixed both to prevent it getting worse in the future and to avoid being ostracized in a society that mocks handicaps or considers them a curse.

Judelka came all the way from Les Cayes to see me. She was born without an anal opening and had a colostomy placed when she was an infant. Last year, a hospital in Haiti created an anal opening for her but it was placed too close to her vaginal opening. Her parents must be exceedingly vigilant about cleaning her because she is at such high risk for vaginal infections and complications. Because of her condition, she cannot attend school and her parents cannot find work easily since one of them must always be with Judelka.

Casimyr has urinary retention due to some sort of obstruction. He has undergone 3 unsuccessful surgeries already. I don't think he wanted his photo taken :)

Mackencia's mother died in childbirth. Only 9 days later, a candle fell on the mat where the baby was sleeping and caught it on fire. Mackencia's feet were burned,
especially her right foot and calf. She received care at the local clinic, but the aunt who was left to care for her after her father abandonned her was afraid that the bandages were contributing to the condition of the foot and removed them. Now, at age 6, Mackencia has a severe burn contracture that prevents her from walking properly. She will need orthopedic and probably plastic surgery to correct her right foot.

Pray that we will find the doctors, hospitals, and host families that we need for these children!

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