Thursday, September 2, 2010

Check out Adriano

Adriano has been getting healthier and bigger everyday under the loving care of Diane and Katie. He is now 10lbs 7oz. He has had his second follow-up visit and is on track for a complete healthy heart. He has been taken off all his meds except one. We are applying to have his club foot treated at Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia; please pray for his acceptance by the program
Since our last email we have learned that Child Hope International who operates the orphanage in Haiti Adriano was being cared for has hired Adriano’s mom as a day care worker and offered her housing. That means Adriano will have a safe, clean home to live and thrive in along with 4 or 5 loving mommas to watch over him. Check out they are awesome, thanks Susette for being an answer to prayer

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