Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Widlove Update / Before Photos

To all of you who know Widlove and his story. He is doing great. His host parents are in love with him and now after years of trying to have a child. They are pregnant. Praise God from whom all Blessings come.

Widlove has has his first two surgeries. 1) was on his wrist and hand. Dr. Phil and his staff did a great job and his hand is now able to be extended and he can move both his hand and fingers. Therapy is hard but he takes it without complaint and knows that one day he will be able to use his hand again like he did before.

His second surgery was last Friday. This was also a major surgery. The Owensboro team were able to sew Widloves eye shut so that it could properly heal. Here is the story in his host moms words:

Widlove did great today! Slept like a baby, thanks to great anesthesia! His eye has been sewn shut to heal and start construction of eyelids. His balloons are in place and looking good! We are finally home and trying to getting his pain under control. Poor guys has cried alot this afternoon. Some from waking up and the rest from his poor head. He's finally found a comfortable way to sleep and is resting now. Its been a long day for us and my biggest prayer request is for rest and pain relief!Here are some pictures from the surgery

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