Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Note from Vanessa

To all who read our blog. I am sorry it is so long between postings. We have had many computer problems this summer and even the brand new lap top is still not working right.

I am so busy but trying to keep a handle on it all. We were able to obtain 7 medical visas in July alone. We have another 4 we are waiting on Haitian Passports, and 8 we are working on documentations. AMH and our small staff thank each of you for your prayers, love concern and funds to help us obtain care for these Haitian Children.

I am very behind at posting and will try to do a better job of this month. Please pray as we are looking for two interns from the campus students we work with to help in the Salem office.

Blessings to everyone. love V

Other updates with out photos, Fitho Jeudi made it back to Haiti and his loving family. He had heart surgery in Ohio for a VSD that he has had since birth. The US Doctors could not believe he had made it to 25 years of age they said most children born with a heart as bad as this do not live past 6 months.

Baby Marck, blind from birth had his first surgery within 48 hours of us landing in the US. His second surgery is this week. His first corneal transplant was a success as when he woke up he was looking everywhere and moving his head. Great sign made us all cry.

Judson Candy had his surgery last week (oral) and now is healing and slowly gaining weight. He has been bothered with 2 ear infections and is on his second round of Antibiotics.

We ask for prayers for the children who are waiting for passports to come to the US for their life saving surgery.

Love V

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