Monday, August 16, 2010

Please Pray for Marck and Host family

This is from Marcks host family: Please pray for them

I am writing this through tears and with a broken heart. This afternoon Marck saw the Glaucoma Specialist and the news was not good for his right eye. Marck is going to need another surgery (this will be number 4) on Monday (if not sooner). The right eye is very diseased and the pressure needs to be decreased or the eye will only continue to get larger. Sadly, the prognosis for the eye is not good. The doctor will be freezing the diseased areas in the hope of eliminating them. However, he suspects that Marck (at best) will only have peripheral vision. He thinks that by the time Marck is 2 or 3 they will need to remove his eye. Sadly, the odds of this happening to the left eye are about 50/50.Marck has endured so much with these surgeries. This last surgery was difficult on him. He whimpered all night and had a fever. He is just starting to feel better. With all of this comes little sleep. I am out here alone with him and feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. I know that God is in control of this situation and that God is good in all things. However, I am broken hearted for Marck and I am praying for mercy for him and for a miracle. Please pray for us as we try to absorb this news and as we come to terms with what this means for Marck's future.

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