Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haiti Update…

What a blessed life we lead.  I am back home and got a full nights sleep last night.  Woke up to the most beautiful sunshine.  Temperature here are cold compared to Haiti but being from the North my body likes the cold better than the increasing hot of Haiti.



Christopher and I made it back to Virginia on Sunday evening around midnight.  Boy was it a long trip.  We had one complication after another trying to leave Haiti.  It started by them not wanting to issue a ticket for us to leave.  We were like ping pong ball being sent from one person to another.  Someone would say ok we have it all figured out.  Then someone else would say NO.  After two hours in at the counter and a visit from the Minister of Interiors assistant we were issued the tickets.  Then taken through immigration where they told me I am in Haiti so much I should be a haitian resident  I could hear them calling my name but it is hard to get from point A to point B with a baby, stroller and backpack.  Went through the next two screening places only to have the AA person say that the Letter to let Christopher out of the country from the Haitians was not enough.   Finally he agreed and we were taken to the plane.



We were the last to get on the plane and the wonderful flight attendants who are always willing to help jumped in.  We got seated and off we went.   The flight for Christopher (his first) went smooth until we landed.  It did not agree with him and he got sick all over both of us.  We got through Ft. Lauderdale fine and had a 5 hour layover more than enough time to clean him up and try to do something with me.   I thought he was doing ok tried to sit down at a restaurant and eat but as my food was delivered Christopher made a funny sound.  I picked him up and out it came again.  I felt so bad for him he had no idea why he was so ill.  The people around I am sure did not want to finish there lunch.  The waitress put mine in a to-go bag. Went to the rest room for his second bath at the airport.  The second flight we were blessed to meet a woman who had also just came from Haiti.  She sat next to me and loved on Christopher he went to sleep and then so did I. 

We got to Charlotte for our next long layover, I went straight to the gate but Christopher was not a happy traveler.  Tried giving him just water, by this time I knew nothing would stay down for him.  Wonderful people tried to help to calm him but he was tired and ill just did not want anything but his mom.   There was a beautiful little girl in the airport about 2 1/2 years old she wanted to give her bob (sponge bob) to the baby.  Her father was so nice and went a bought Christopher his own sponge bob.  Another lady who also has a baby a little older than Christopher walked the airport looking for soy formula and a pacifier.  The Ladies who drive the carts went all over looking for blankets as it was very cold and all of ours were soiled.   So many angels stopped to help us.  We finally got called and I was never so happy to be on a last flight.  Christopher did ok considering how sick he still was.  

I had called Tom my wonderful husband he went to the store before coming to get us and purchased Soy formula.   We got cleaned up gave him drops for his tummy before giving him a little soy formula.  It finally stayed down.  Most of the night Christopher and I spent in the recliner but he did not get sick again.   Monday Christopher was looking for mom but no vomiting.  Tuesday brought Momma Sondra (from the team who helped take care of Christopher after his release from the USNS comfort ship).  Christopher is staying with her for a couple of days and I am working on his travel to Michigan and his host parents who are excited to help him.  He will have surgery at the University of Michigan Children's Hospital.   We will keep you updated.

A big Thank you to all in the airports that helped with Christopher.  God always brings angels to help us with the children. 

Other News:  While in Haiti we went to a remote village near Bassin Bleu.  Beautiful country and people.  The were so welcoming and want to donate land for us to build an orphanage or Clinic.  I will also put up some of the wonderful photos.  This however will require a lot of prayer because getting to this village is very, very hard and you must cross the large river that floods half the year.  During the times of flooding the people are cut off.  They need a large bridge more than anything.  I have no connections with this type of project.   I was pleased to see the village doing so well.  Some illness but not the worst I have ever seen in Haiti.  This village also is made up with over 90% of farmer's however when the river is up they have no way to get produce to market to make any money.   We were able to pass out 17 new Machetes to the farmers.   I felt like we were gearing up for a war giving out all of these large knives.  But as I have been told so many times the Machetes is the best tool you can give a farmer.  We want to Thank our friends at Stellar One for the donation to be able to help these wonderful people. 
There are so many opportunities to help in Haiti.  But knowing where to help and focusing on those projects are key.   Anyone wishing to help in Haiti please step out of your comfort zone and help.

Bassin Bleu 623

Bassin Bleu 662

Bassin Bleu 683

Bassin Bleu 689

Bassin Bleu 692

Have a blessed day. 

I hope you like these photos. 

love V

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