Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello from Haiti,

This is my last full day here this month. Yesterday we were able to get all documents for Christopher Cenary, so he will be leaving with me in the morning. Please pray for the following.

No trouble at the Haitian or US airports

for his mother who is letting him go so she can care for his 4 siblings

for the new host parents who will be getting him later this week

for the doctors who will help to make him all better

I hurt my back earlier this week, I am prayerful that God will give me the strength to get to Roanoke with him. His head is very heavy.

We were unable to do the following:
get a truck

fix all of the elec problems

approval for Ratesse Oyis to travel to US still working on it.

See the new Global Orphan project

We were able to:
Christopher Cenary visa and travel papers

Visit Double Harvest a great program that AMH will be partnering with medical teams
see a house that we can rent after June for the mission teams
work on other mission teams for the summer, VBS, Building and medical

See many patients who need care

Interview a few people who may be able to come to the US for training to fit Prostheses

Talk to another group who may be willing to partner with helping the Haitian Amputees.

See part of the destruction of St. Josephs, see 10 of my boys. All are in good shape and glad to be back in school.

See feeding program resume with the start of classes

Hold clinic along with everything else Kez has going on down here

and much much more.

Thank you everyone for your notes I am glad there are those of you following the blog. Have a blessed week.

love V

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