Saturday, April 24, 2010

Working in Haiti...

... is not always easy. For example we have been looking for a used truck for over a week. We could not find one anywhere. So we finially decided to purchase a new truck which I would not do in the states. But Everyone has convinced me that if I get it new we will know when a problem is going wrong. If we purchase used we will have someone else's problems. Well now the problem is that there are no new trucks to purchase. So many people lost there cars and trucks in the earth quake they bought them all up quickly. So it will be a few weeks before they get the ones that are waiting in customs.

If you would have told me that I would go to a dealership in Haiti and be turned away told I would have to wait. I would have said NO way. They need the sell to help the economy.

Another issue is we forget even though we are living in the middle of the earthquake mess. Is that business that we have relied on are no longer around they were distroyed in the quake. It took hours to find a new photo place to get passport photos.

The guys that are here helping at St. Josephs needed hardware supplies. It took hours again and 4 different stores as all the supplies have been purchased by people down here doing the same thing.

The Haitian Government is trying its best to recover but it also is facing massive problems. I went to the Minister of the Interiors office, it has been put in a small store area. Filing cabnits everywhere. So little room, its difficult to be organized, struckured and effenct under these conditions. We had a meeting at Noon when I arrived they were busy. I asked do you want me to wait or would tomorrow be better. So I will go back tomorrow. We have to be willing to be understanding and patient this is not our country we are here to serve.

May your week be blessed. Please pray that we are able to bring Christopher out for Brain Surgery.

all my love,

Momma V

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