Thursday, April 8, 2010


Blessings everyone,

Well I am no where near caught up but off to Haiti again.

We are blessed to be taking Solyvien Favra home. Solyvien has been in the US for the past 10 months receiving corrective surgery on his foot. I will include a before and after photo. Solyvien has done so well that they only had to operate 2 times instead of 3. He has attended school at Glenvar Middle School for this year and leaves behind a whole school of friends and teachers who will miss him.

Solyvien was very worried after the January 12 earth quake in Haiti. We spent weeks in prayer that his family was ok. They were finially located well but now homeless. They had lost everything. Solyvien can not wait to go back and take supplies to his family. While waiting Solyvien did a water drive in front of Wal-mart and collected so many needed supplies. Most were given to the red cross as we do not have the funds to transport water to Haiti.

I will send you and update of him once he has been reunited with his family. Blessings to everyone who has prayed for him.

We want to send a big Thank You to Stellar One Bank in Salem Virginia, their branch won a contest between all the banks and was awarded a cash prize. All of the employees voted to donate the funds to AMH. We sincerely thank you all.

Another thank you to all who have raised funds for AMH, the out pouring of love for our work in Haiti has been wonderful. We have received donations from across the country, from Schools doing penny drives to Hospitals, Doctors collecting un used supplies and medical equipment. We have now 1 1/2 semi trailers full of donations that need to be sorted packed, palliated and shipped to Haiti. We are starting to raise the $8,000 to $10,000 it will take to get it all to Haiti safely and to the surgery center. Kez has used up most all of our supplies since the quake. So getting these things down to her is very important.

We have two more medical teams coming down in May and other dates open for anyone wishing to come to Haiti. Just give Kris Meadows your information at She will book everything for you.

Please pray that we are able to find a reasonably priced vehicle to purchase this trip. With the cost of Gas out of this world. We have to replace our beyond repair Jeep. Kez has been struggling without transportation for months. She needs and deserves a reliable vehicle to be able to get to all of our patients.

If you have not yet met Kez you will love her. I do she was a present sent directly from God. Her heart is pure and her love for the Haitian children is as strong as mine. Check out her blog at

Ok I know I do not update enough trying to do more. all my love V

Vanessa A. Carpenter

Angel Missions Haiti - Director

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