Saturday, December 5, 2009

Solyvien Favra…

Solyvien Favra is doing great.  Imagine being a little boy in an accident that kills your mother and leave you lame for the rest of your life.  Just because your father could not pay the outrageous cost of medical care.  Solyvien and his father were turned away from the hospital because of not enough funds to pay in advance for medical care.

It took us 4 years to get Solyvien accepted into the US for life changing medical care.   Solyvien is here in Virginia receiving care from Carillion Hospital.  He will need 3 surgeries to get his foot straightened.  He is in school learning so much and doing so well.  Just look at his smile and how great his foot looks after just one surgery.

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Solyvien has also been to the Dentist to have his teeth checked and fixed.  He had two teeth that had to be extracted they were broken in two and the dentist said they were some of the worst teeth he has seen.  I can not imagine having that kind of pain in my mouth for years.



Solyvien's story is just one, thousands of children who go without medical care every year.   Many die due to the lack of affordable medicine or surgery.   It is so important that we are able to get the clinic and surgery center up and running.  We will be able to help the children who's parents can not get them medical care.   Parents that love their children and go from clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital pleading for care for their child.

Little Angel Surgery Center,  We are partnering with Haitian Christian Outreach to open two operating rooms.  For US doctors to go to Haiti and operate on the children of Haiti.   Special operations such as Cleft, Hydrocephalus, orthopedic.  Our container of equipment was finial released from customs.  The building is built, we now have the container we are only short $15,000 to finish and install all operating equipment.  Recovery rooms will be also be equipped and ready to go.  We are now signing up medical teams to come each month to operate on the children who need our care.  If you or anyone you know want to be a part of this monument life changing and saving mission please contact us at

We hope to train Haitian Doctors and Nurses to continue free medical care for the children.  It will take years, but with God all things are possible,  our dream for helping the Haitian People will come true.   Thank you for all you love, prayers and support. 

love V

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