Thursday, September 3, 2009

All In God’s Timing…


We often say in Gods timing but do we truly know what that means. I am going to tell you about my last week here in Haiti. Let me know what you think.

I was scheduled to bring Sammy back to Haiti Sept. 1. Unknown to his family so that we could get the reunion on tape with out them knowing he was coming.

4 weeks before this scheduled trip. I receive an email asking if I still worked in Haiti. There were these Christian bands and Rap artist who were going to raise money for AMH and some others working in Haiti. Would I be in the Miami area on Aug. 21.

Well I was not to be in the Miami area and I really did not want to miss the first days of school with my children. But if I were to fly to Miami on the 21st. It only made since and saved funds to go on to Haiti early and return Sammy.

So we made plans to come to Miami for the concert and then fly onto Haiti with Sammy. I went to the Embassy where he was received as a Star (No one including me ever thought he would make it )

The next day I got tickets for me and Bill Nathan to go to Port de Paix to take Sammy back to his mother and father. We did not tell any of them. We went and were met at the airport by a driver. But Sammy’s bag did not make the trip. So we had to spend the entire day at the small airport waiting for the late flight to bring us his meds and formula all of his clothing.

It was almost to late to travel to Sammy’s home town (3) hours away Basin Bleu. But we went. Got there right before dark. Took Sammy to his Uncle then his parents house. The reunion was wonderful. We stayed at Missions of Love they were wonderful and did not even know we were coming. The next day I went back to Sammy’s house to see him before we started back to Port de paix. We were driving and the doctors said to me. Have you ever seen triplets survive in Haiti. I told him know, it is even rare for twins to make it. He pointed out a road and said that two months ago there were triplets born down that road. Do I want to go take a photo of them. Sure I was seeing the small village and people that would be great. So we went.

Well we got there and in a bed was 3 of the smallest human beings I have ever seen. They were all ill, running a fever and barely breathing. The mother said she had been praying for God to send an Angel to take them. And just that day I had worn my Angel Missions T-shirt. She said she thought he would send an angel to take them to heaven. She was so happy to see me. Mom is also ill. They showed me mom has NO milk, they had been given 3 cans of formula when the babies were born but they were empty. Showed me the empty cans. I was told for the last 8 days all they could give them was sugar water. (Not clean water but out of a dirty creek)

They asked me to take the babies. Please make them well like you did Sammy. How do you say No to that. I prayed and both the doctor and I thought that two of them would not make it through the night. The doctor even said maybe you should wait come back tomorrow to see if they are still alive. I looked at the parents told them that there were no promises that they would live even tonight but if they wanted I would take them to Port au Prince and try to get medical visas for them. I told them over and over that they may die.

The father, doctor and myself picked them up and headed out to the car. I do not think they wanted to give me time to change my mind. We looked all over the small village No formula or even powdered milk anywhere to be found. We went to Sammy’s parents and asked for a little bit of formula and a bottle. We got a dropper from the doctor and started to feed them back at Missions of Love, We got a few droppers in each baby. I threw all of my stuff in a bag and we headed to Port de Paix.

I knew of a Missionary there who had said we could stay with them anytime we were in town. So we went. 3 ½ hours later we arrived. Me, Bill and 3 babies. (Lashbrook Family Ministries) They took us in and helped me to do all necessary for the next 2 days to keep these little angels alive. They gave us formula, bottles, diapers, cloths, they stayed up with me and them and we fed them every 2 hours. Well sure enough they came around. I also got medication for them all as soon as we got into town. Called the US doctor and asked how much to give each of them. 1 cc because they are so small. We gave them on drop of cough meds and Tylenol around the clock all fevers broke.

Hanna, Vance, Audra, Julie, Keith, took such wonderful care of us and they already have 115 children depending on them.

On Sunday we returned to Port au Prince by air. Me Bill and 3 smaller than new born infants. (remember now that they are 2 months old).

Showed up at St. Josephs gave Michael the scare of his life. He is happy my clinic is next door. He also has been so very helpful and my boys are priceless as always.

We got Dr. Jack on Sunday to see all 3 babies he was amazed at how they look. How well they are doing and how small they are. The littlest has Pneumonia and the other have horrific colds. Fevers that come and go. But it has now been 5 days and all are still alive.

We are working on Medical visa’s for all three. We are praying for their recovery and the funds to come in for me to get them all to the US.

I started this out in Gods Timing. His timing is always perfect. If I had not listened to him and went to Miami and then on to Haiti. These 3 beautiful little girls would not be here now.

Please keep us in prayer. For all who live close in Virginia we are going to set up a volunteer sheet for people to come to the house and help us with the babies around the clock. Please consider signing up for a shift here and there. For anyone who feels led to help with the expense please send donations to Angel Missions Haiti (for Grace, Hope and Faith) I named them this so I could keep up with them. There given names are very close to the same name. Wayne, Waylande, Wayline. I am very sleep deprived and need to keep straight in my head who I am working with at all times. We are recording all intake and out take of formula. Had only a few vomiting spells.

Thank you to everyone who is helping and will help with these babies soon. Love V

4 days after getting them

Hope, Grace, Faith (Grace and Faith are identical)

These are preemie cloths that are way to big on them.

New born diapers cover them all the way to their chest

Vanessa A. Carpenter

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