Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prayer Needed…

Well God always has a plan.  I brought Baby Sammy back to his parents, it went so well.  He loves them and they adore him.  They have been very thankful and continue to kiss love and hug on him.  I have it all on tape for when I get them home to show you.

However While we were in the Village Sammy is from the doctor said he wanted to show me a set of triplets that had been born on July 6 (my Jonathans birthday).  We went to the home.  A one room place with 7 children.  The mom was sick and can not take care of them.  We tried to find formula but none anywhere to be found.  The parents showed me 3 empty formula cans that someone had given them.   They said they had been out of formula for 8 days.  They had been giving them sugar water.  They begged me to take them and make  them well like baby Sammy.  So Momma V is now in Port de Paix with 3 infants at yet another missions who have taken us all in for the next two days until I can get these three to port au prince with me. 

We have given them the names of Faith Hope and Grace (as we can not say the names we were told)

Faith and Hope weigh in at 2 pounds.  Grace is 3 pounds.   At the present time they third feeding no vomiting (Praise God) they are coming alert.  Hope and Grace have bad coughs and had a fever which has now broken on both.   We started with an eye dropper earlier today and now all 3 have a suck reflex which is wonderful.  

The Mission we are at is called Lashbrook family ministries.  They are helping me feed them every two hours.  We will do this around the clock all night. 

Please pray that all 3 girls make it through the night, God gives us the wisdom and visa's for these 3.  All of the orphanages I know are over filled and can not take them in. 
They are going to require a lot of care to make it.



Grace,Faith, Hope

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