Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update on Sky

Skyline is doing really well and has officially "woo"ed the entire Price family! She is a cheerful and content baby who only cries when she is hungry. She loves lots of action and noise (thank goodness!) and chimes right in with her sweet little babbling. She is a blessing and a joy and we feel honored to have her in our lives for this short time. Her surgery has been scheduled for April 11th, which is a little farther away than we had hoped. Please pray for her parents as they wait and miss her! If all goes well she should be ready to travel home in May.

The story behind this picture goes like this: Gabriel, who has fallen madly in love with "peanut" as he calls her, came to me one day and asked if he could take her on a baby date. I asked if he needed to borrow the car. Turns out, it merely consisted of them sitting on the couch watching "Cars". But he DID comb his hair - which was so adorable! They do have a special bond, and she grins every time he walks in the room. Hosting kids has turned out to be a huge blessing for the entire family. It's also quite an education, and our kids would be happy to explain all about cleft lip and palate surgery if you're curious.

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