Thursday, March 1, 2007

Desperate Need for Doctors

You know the saying, "when it rains, it pours"? Well, it feels like it is pouring buckets right now. In the past month, Angel Missions has had a huge increase in the number of children referred to our program. We are sad to know that there are so many children in need of care, but we are happy that the word is getting out that Angel Missions will try to help. At this point, the challenge we are facing isn't just the numbers, it is also the severity of the medical problems. Currently, we have 7 children with a variety of medical issues and no medical professionals to help. A few are extremely ill and need care as quickly as we can arrange it. We can feel a clock ticking over our shoulders...

Here's a quick run down on the kids waiting for care and the types of physicans we need:

1. Pediatric Cardiologists/surgeons

Yole Christy - age 2 yrs; VSD and enlarged heart; she is extremely sick right now and needs surgery quickly; we have echo and test results

Fontal Joe Lewis - 1 yr; VSD; we are awaiting test results from Haiti

2. Pediatric Oncologists

Kristy Sauralee Joseph - under age 5; she has cancer in her eyes and is very ill

Boy - under age 5; he has been diagnosed with leukemia; this little guy was abandoned outside the gate of the Children's Medical Missions Haiti; the nun there is anxious for us to find him care quickly

3. Plastic surgeon and neurologist

Darline - age 18 yr; has a quick growing facial tumor in the area of her left cheekbone.

Widelaine - age 14 yr; has neurofibromatoses; it is encroaching on her right eye

Girl - age 7 yr; has large facial tumor and ulcerative tongue; tumor is on the left size of her face and encroaching on oral cavity

4. Pediatric Urologists (see earlier post for specific info on each boy)




If anyone can give us names and contact information for potential surgeons, we will be happy to follow up on them. Often our best means of identifying new medical professionals is with referrals from families who have had experience with these types of problems. We do our best not to ask any of our doctors to accept more than two children per year. We understand how expensive these procedures are and we are thankful when programs are willing to accept any of our children for care.



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