Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great News for Berny's Family!

We are celebrating another successful surgery for little Berny. On Monday February 12th, Berny had surgery for his cleft palate. It was successful and he didn't have any complications. His host mom was able to bring him home yesterday and he will be with them for a bit of time to recover. He has had numerous surgeries to fix this congenital defect. The first was done when he was a small baby to repair his lip and we are hoping his troubles are soon over. We rejoice with his mom & dad who are in Haiti and are anxious for this little man to return home. The doctor thinks he will be able to return to his parents within a few weeks!

A big thanks for Dr. Hagerty, Dr. Olivia Palmer and the staff at Roper St. Francis in Charleston, South Carolina!

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