Thursday, February 8, 2007

Be there and they will come...

It is amazing that in a country with very little infrastructure, a sketchy telephone system and no public transportation that people seem to connect when they need to. During the week Vanessa and I were in Haiti, we saw this happen over and over. While we do have a cell phone that we use when we need to, most of the time we must depend on word of mouth to spread the news that Angel Missions is in Port-au-Prince. We let it be known that we will talk to any family that has a child who needs our help and those we've helped in the past quickly let others know what we are trying to do to help the children. Over the 7 years she has worked in Haiti, Vanessa has built an impressive network of individuals, doctors and supporters who believe in this mission. Now with Angel Missions being separate from Three Angels Children's Relief, we are depending on these folks to find children that need us.

As the week progressed, each day brought more families to St. Joseph's Home looking for us. The director at Angel House called us a number of times to let us know there were parents there looking for us. Doctors and orphanage directors sent us a number of new children. We tell them that we will do what we can, but that it depends on the doctors and fundraising. We are honest if we think we cannot help a child. It is hard, but it does happen.

All in all, we now have 12 new children on our list. It was obvious that God was telling us this week in Haiti....just be there and they will come...

Now the work really begins...we have all these children and must get visas, healthcare airfare and families arranged so that they can come to the US. We know that to make this happen, we must trust God and have faith in His love for these little ones. In the next few days, I am going to post stories of the children in our care and a bit about their lives in Haiti. Along with the pictures, I will let you all know what help they need and what help we need to make this happen. Please help us by spreading the word to others about our mission and prayfully consider how you might help!

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