Saturday, February 3, 2007

Resurrection Dance Theater

There is definitely a perk to staying at St. Joseph's Home for Boys... the dancing. These young men have formed their own professional dance troupe over the years and have traveled all over the world performing. They have been to the states, Europe and South America. Their dancing is amazing and I used up every last minute of tape I had in my video camera trying to capture some of it to take home to my guys. The show was in their open air dance theater on the 4th floor of the house.
St. Joseph's is an amazing place and it is wonderful to see how someone stretching out the hand in God's love can truly transform lives. Michael (Founder) has helped hundreds of children in the three homes he has established here. One home specializes in caring for disabled children and one of the stars of the dance show is Soni, a young man with cerebral palsy. His story is so inspiring and there is even a children's story book written about him.

Here are some photos from the show:

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