Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Dear Friends,

I have been called by no less than 3 different Missionaries in Haiti about a case that needs our attention ASAP.  Marc Dorce is a 35 year old Haitian man, who works with Blessing Hearts International in Haiti.

He was driving a truck full of volunteer missionaries when the brakes went out on the truck he was able to drive the truck into the mountain instead of off it.  All 28 people in back survived.   Marc was left with the worst injuries however and was able to be operated on by Dr. David Halpern.  Dr. Halpern was able to re attach both of Marc’s arms as shown in the photos below.   Dr. Halpern has since had to return to work in the United States but is requesting that we find a hospital on Orthopedic team to take over Marc Dorce care.  Normally we would go to the hospital Dr. Halpern works at but when the earthquake happened they took in over 100 major medical cases all as charity care.  We are seeking another facility that would like to offer this father the best possible care so that he can return to his work in Haiti and take care of his family.

A little bit about Marc and his family.  His wife was 6 months pregnant at the time of the accident.  However she had a miscarriage.  Marc’s 2 year old daughter has caught Malaria and is in another hospital in Haiti.   This family needs our love, prayers and help.

Please if you know anyone who can help us with this case please contact Vanessa at 540 580 9721 in the US or in Haiti at 011 5093 488 3499. 

Thank you love Momma V  


***********Warning- Graphic Pictures Below***********************





marc Dorce in surgery

Marc Dorce arm in surgery

Marc Dorce 4

Marc Dorce 3

Marc Dorce 2

Marc Dorce 1

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