Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayers needed

Hi Everyone,

I am once again in Haiti. We are working on 3 major cases. I need all the prayers we can get. I have all of the documentation we however still do not have passports.

1. Widlove Gedeon eye and ortho surgery
2. Adriana Victor heart surgery 6months old only weighs 7 pounds getting worse
3. Marck Jonais eye surgery 6 weeks old and in need of eye surgery within the next 10 days to save his sight, or he will be blind for life , then heart surgery later.

I feel like I am playing beat the clock here. As soon as we get the passports visas will be issued. Then we will have to purchase last minute air fare (costly need prayers and donations to cover that) I will fly with the children to the US.

I have to tell you all what A Great Husband I have. We have a wedding this weekend, that is important for me to be at. He told me to stay and wait to get the babies out. God love him. He is a saint for putting up with me. I hope my niece understands if I have to miss her wedding. Love to all. With God all things are possible V

I tried to upload photos but will not let me will try again tonight. love V

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