Thursday, June 3, 2010

Up date on Christopher

From Christophers host Mom Sue

Christopher had his check up with Dr. Garton today. He was not entirely happy with his progress. The baby's head has filled in more than he had hoped. He gave himself 2 options. The first was to declare the surgery a failure and put in a shunt. He seems really reluctant to do this surgery because he feels Christopher has a great risk for a cranial collapse. The second option was to take a "wait and see" attitude. This is the avenue he has decided to take. He will see him back in one week to see how he is progressing. I think if he continues as he is without getting any worse he is prepared to leave things alone. If his head begins to get bigger again, he will have no choice but to do the shunt surgery. So we will take it week to week. If you have any questions Dr. Garton will be happy to return your calls. You can call his office at 734-615-0536 and leave a message for him to call you.In the meantime, Christopher is doing pretty well. I put him on baby food and he loves loves to eat! I will update you again after his appointment next week. Sue

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