Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on Oyis

From Host mom Sondra

Hello to you all!

Took Oyis to the eye dr & Orthopedist. Facciani was concerned about a spot on his cornea and wants him to see another Eye Dr who specializes in cornea problems. He thinks it is possible that he may not have do do surgery! He has given us an RX for some plano glasses and we will be putting a prism on the R lens to offset any double vision he may be having.

Dr Shaw's appt was even more exciting! He took xrays and looks like leg is healing! He wants him weight bearing on it!
Walking no more wheelchair! He didn't like that too well when I took it away! I gave him a walker but he's not thrilled, keeps asking for his wheel chair! He also said he can get in the pool! HUGE smile when I told him that in Kreyol! We couldn't get home fast enough and get our bathing suits on! Even better...We will be taking the fixator out next week!

Seeing Dr Adam tomorrow. What a week! Hope you are all well, and we would for you all to come & say hello to the little man! He is learning English FAST!

Peace, Hugs & Blessings,

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