Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Widline

Here is a small story to hold in your heart:

On our flight to GSO a female AA pilot was sitting one row up and across from me. She said, "If you need a break, I'm happy to help." After a while, I needed to get something out of the overhead bin, so I handed the sleeping Widline to her. They were both so happy--the pilot and the baby. So, I went to the front and started yakking with the Flight Attendant, a girl I know and work with--then came back and started taking Widline out of the pilot's arms. Just as I leaned down for the baby, the pilot blurted, "My husband was just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor--holding her has been a religious experience for me." That stopped me right in my tracks and I placed the barely picked up baby back in her arms and said "You let me know when you are ready to give her back." And I sat down in my seat across from her, one row back.I watched as the woman kept dabbing at her eyes, wiping away her tears, while holding the little Widline. I can't profess to know how she was feeling or what she was thinking, but I know that this little baby was a catalyst for good--some how, some way--for the lady. It was touching. Just before landing, I took the baby back, and as we deplaned, the pilot hugged my neck. I told her I would pray that she and her family found the strength they needed for the journey ahead, and she just shook her head up and down, tears once again forming....These children gave so much--just by being. I doubt they will ever be aware of the lives they have affected. Love comes in tiny doses, and packs a big wallop!

This email that I got from the flight attendent shows just how much these children help show God's love everywhere. Please pray for this pilot's husband. All my love in His service, Vanessa

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ThimjonFamily said...

Absolutely powerful, Vanessa.
What a wonderful story.

The Thimjon Family in MN