Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catching Up...

It has been a very busy month. God has provided for 9 more children to have life saving surgery. We give all the Glory to him, as these are his children and he continues to open doors all over the United States to help. Vanessa has just returned from Philly where she spent the most wonderful time with all 4 host families. She was able to see Brenda, Pharah, Joinise and Naphtalie. All 4 girls are doing so well it brought her to tears. They are all bonded with their host parents, smiling gaining weight. Vanessa said that Pharah has made the most obvious progress. Her head has went down 5 inches. Yes I said 5 inches! She has the most wonderful personality. She is trying to do new things every day. Brenda and Joinise have also had their heads go down a little. What we've seen in all 3 girls is that their personalities are coming out. Without the continual pain, they are smiling and interaction with others. It is wonderful to see. During her visit there, at least 3 different Church 's into our lives where there are wonderful, Christian folks who all want to help the Haitian children in our program in one way or another.

Little Skyline had her surgery yesterday morning to repair her palate and all went well. She was released this morning and is on her way home with Vanessa. Please be in prayer for this little one. She is a little pistol, on the go all the time.

We want to take a moment and thank the wonderful women at Hands that Heal. You can check out their blog at: This organization has a mission similiar to ours and has been generous enough to share their energy, time and resources with one of our children. Little Widline will have surgery in Ohio thanks to the work of this group. Rebekah (co-founder) was relentless in working to find care for this girl before it was too late. Widline arrived a week or so ago and Rebekah flew to Virginia to meet Vanessa and pick up the baby. She then flew to IN to meet the host family and hand off her sweet bundle. I have to say I love the photos she took and shared with us. I have included a few here. The baby is doing wonderfully and is now over 8 lbs! A special thanks to her host family for all the TLC they are lavishing on Widline. The photo is a photo taken by Rebekah of Widline after she picked her up in Virginia. Such a sweet, serious face for such a little girl! I think her eyes are she doesn't miss anything and knows lots more than we ever will.

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Sherry said...

How wonderful to hear that they are all doing so well! Answered prayer. :)