Thursday, March 20, 2008

Link Addded

Today, we are making an request that everyone please pray for Angel Missions and the children currently waiting for care. We have 9 children that have been approved care and are ready to process their paperwork to get their medical visas; however, our financial situation is tight. The photo above is on of the nine waiting to come. This is a baby girl named Dieunette. She needs surgery ASAP and we have found a hospital and host family in Nebraska to care for her. Unfortunately, we are short of funds to pay for her paperwork and travel.

We have been blessed with spreading the word about Angel Missions being able to help some of the children in Haiti who need medical care. We have also been able to start a small clinic in Port au Prince to serve a boys' home and for the families seeking medical visas to come and meet with us. Most of all, we have been blessed with a number of hospitals, doctors and host families around the country that have stepped forward to provide the much needed care. Unfortunately, our financial resources have not grown as quickly as our program. To continue, we need help!

I have always wanted this blog to be about sharing the stories of the children, their families and all who are working to help them. I have resisted asking for donations or adding a "donation" button onto the site; however, Vanessa and I have decided that, in order to continue to help the children, we are going to have to ask for help from others. We regularly speak at churches and with civic groups to spread the word about our mission and to seek donations. Angel Missions is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. A number of individuals have asked us how to make a donation, so I have gone ahead and added a donation button to this site. Please don't feel obligate to use it, but if you do feel so moved, you can make a donation (any amount) directly to our paypal account which then goes directly into our operating budget. Please know that Vanessa and I are volunteers and none of this money stays with us. We use all donations to pay for our program costs.

As always, we truly appreciate everyone's support for this mission. Together we are making a difference in many little lives.


Sherry said...

I believe that yours is such a special ministry that I am proud to be able to do something so small as to donate. I will be praying that the donations flow in!

Fran said...

Thank you Sherry! We appreciate your support and prayers.