Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank Goodness for Blankies...

...they can truly shut out the world. Ched is doing better. The first night was quite bad and the doctors were calling him a sedation nightmare. We seem to have found a happy spot and he is calmer. They are truly giving this boy enough drugs to sedate a large Anheiser Bush draft horse, yet he is still occassionally opening his eyes and asking me to pick him up. He is now off oxygen though is quite congested still and requiring some suctioning. His turn in isolation will continue through next Thursday which is a pain for me as I cannot touch him without looking like a space man in an ugly yellow gown and purple gloves. I actually had to lower my mask a bit today just so he could see it was Mommy behind all that garb. After that he seemed to accept that I too was part of this strange new world.

His red blood count continues to drop for some reason and he is only .1 on the scale from needing a blood transfusion. We are hoping it doesn't come to that but won't know until we see the next blood test results in the morning. Right now, he is stable enough to get out of the PICU and into an intermediate care unit, but alas...there is no space. Maybe tomorrow. The nice part of that is that we will be welcomed by 3 other families that have gone through this bladder exstrophy surgery in the past week. I have been told they are anxiously awaiting our arrival so the group of us can go through the next 6 weeks together. It is nice to know that we will have comrades to hang out with while we are here.

Thank you for all your prayers...please keep them coming!


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