Friday, January 25, 2008

Chedner after One Week

Chedner has moved from the PICU to an pediatric intermediate care unit. He still has to be monitored and has nurses around him at all times. They are using lots of sedation to keep him still, but so far things look good with the surgery sites. He was able to drink from a sippy cup yesterday and hopefully will get a bottle of milk sometime today. As long as he eats, he won't have to have that yucky NG tube put back in. He will talk to us at times and watches a movie or reads a book with me for a few minutes, but mostly he is sleeping. The object for the next five weeks is to keep him very still...not an easy task for a two year old!

Thanks for all your prayers!


T&T Livesay said...

Hi Fran-
I hope you are hanging in there ... six weeks is a LONG time -- can Jay come be with you on weekends? I will pray for Ched.


Our Family Adventure said...

such a brave little boy! Terry