Saturday, January 19, 2008

Care Needed...

This is Widline Pierre...a little girl only 2 1/2 months old who was born without a rectal opening. She has not grown since birth and still only weighs 5 pounds & is 19" long. She requires surgery ASAP and we are looking for a pediatric surgeon to help her.

Christella is a 10 month old little girl with a VSD that needs to be repaired. We have an echo tape of her heart defect to share with doctors. She seems to be developing alright in other areas and can now crawl to get around.

Judnel is 11 years old and one of three children being cared for by a single mom. A cuban doctor who saw Judnel said he believed he has a VSD, but we are working on getting an echocardiogram done to confirm that diagnosis. Judnel will need surgery to repair this defect if he is going to live a full life.

Lovensky is a handsome 8 year old with a long-time dislocated shoulder. It appears that there may be nerve damage now due to the injury never being reduced. We have x-rays. Lovensky is in the second grade and loves to play soccer. We would like to help reduce this young fellows pain and allow him better use of that arm. A doctor who saw him felt that surgery and therapy could give help. We are looking for a pediatric orthopedist who can help.

While we are blessed with doctors and facilities around the country that help us with many children, we do not always have care available when families come to us in Haiti. We are always willing to help any child that we possibly can, but sometimes have to depend on others to help us find the doctors and facilities who are willing to donate the free medical care. If anyone out there knows of any doctors who might be willing to talk with us and perhaps help one of these children, please email or call us.


Rebekah Hubley said...

My name is Rebekah Hubley. I live in Ft. Wayne, In. I grew up going down to Pierre Payen, Haiti with my family. My husband and I are bringing a little boy home on a medical visa and then adopting him. I have felt God calling me to start a foundation for kids that need medical visas: so birthed "Hands that Heal".

My dad is a doctor, and I have a lot of connections in the medical field. THis ministry has just started and we would love to know how we can help you. My two oldest children have special needs (Hannah, 6, born blind, and Micah, 5, born with Spina Bifida. So, we know a lot of specialists!

How is the baby without an anus ridding waste? I know a general pediatric surgeon that could help!

Please e-mail me at

Once the organization is totally set up, it will run through our church. Avalon Missionary Church

Please let me know how I can help!

Rebekah Hubley

Mara said...

Have you thought of partnering with an adoption agency - even if the children aren't for adoption - because humanitarian work/families willing to open up their home to a child - would be easily found through a reputable/well known and respected adoption agency. I was just thinking of Bethany Christian Services... but I'm sure there would be others